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fifty8 |

fucccck why so hot for ? D:
anyway yesterday was um sefton's formal :D it was um kind of boring at first but when we got inside it was relaxing and fun :)

well i went to see felicia first i was running late cos of my sister :@ and she straightened my hair & partially curled it LOL . we were both late, she had to go see mark and i had to go see richard so we bolted out of the house to the corner of the street. we saw david & i went off with richard & david back to richard's house. we both got ready & got changed i was just gunna go in my black heels but i changed my mind (THANKGOD ! i would've fucking died in an hour in those heels) we waited at sefton train station for around 45 mins. i saw delia & crystal :) fuck i saw ben LOL fucking extensions as sideburns like wtfff ! anyways the bus ride was fucking boring but i had a chance to catch up with crystal hehe.

the traffic in the city was soo ughhh like seriously stuck in one street for more than 5 mins. we waited outside the room for like fucking 30 mins and everyone was taking photos, every girl had their camera out except me LMAO and u know what sucks ? I DIDNT EVEN TAKE ONE FUCKING PHOTO T_T i was meeting new people and saying hi and shit and joining in photos. we finally went inside at like 7.40 . entree was ew, main was alright, cake was fucking yum LOL i spent like most of my time beside richard :) hehe <3

the formal ended at 11 and my sister came to pick me up and she met richard. my feet were hurting so bad and when we got in the car and kieran was driving she started fucking screamin at me and acting like my mum and acting as if im soo unappreciative of her like i didnt ask her to do shit for me, it's her choice and she fucking went off at me and i didnt say shit back cos i was soo tired and i just had a fun night. so true how everytime i go out i get shit when i go home. fucking relax man. fuck even my mum is gunna let me stay at city on my own formal till 12 - 12.30 .

YAY ! its formal season baby ! ^^

only names i can remember from this photo (besides david & richard) is brandon/brendan (i dont know LMAO), steven & i think its michelle :S i have no idea haha


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Fifty7 |

du ma 41C. anyways at least its gunna be cool today. i went to felicia's house today and i made some pan bread while i was there and i ate and we talked and i went to cabra at like 2 and i saw bien at the station. i went out to jup cos nick called me to come and i saw richard and mikool there. we sat and drank, too hot too talk LOL & later on richard and mikool left & mehmet and other people came jupiter . i played 13 & speed with nick and i won most of it 8) after jupiter we went over to nick's house to see his nephew and we went back to jupiter with his nephew. ahh he's nephew is like soo cute ! half italian ~ 8) he kissed me on the cheek like 3 times LOL and i kisssed him back too :$ HAHA
i ate some icecream then went back to cheso at like 4.20 and i met up with felicia, sandy, demi, albie & peter. saw brandon at woolies haha funny. hmm stayed at park, talked & joked around, went back to felicia's house at like i dunno 7.20 and i ate some dinner and then i had to go home at 8 cos my mum was already there <_<

fuck i hate going home i swear everytime i come home from an outing or just going out i aways get told off/lectured and/or screamed at seriousy fucking pisses me off. and my sister is the biggest fucking bitch . anyways after i started to calm down just fb & msn & then phoned with richard then phoned with nick then now blogging LOL fuck so boring. i wanted to like iggjay tmrw to go richard's place and also see nick but then nooo some fucking "all your own work" shit is on tmrw T__T


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Fifty6 | Slowjam

aww it was quite hot yesterday ahaha. school was alright fuck ms wong kept telling me off for talking me made me move LOL T__T i swear it wasnt my fault for talking :( the rest of the day was bludge and it was just er a bit boring until BOWLING ! that is (H) awww yeah haha, duyen, sherena, felicia, vanessa & me all went over to vanessa's house for like 20 mins getting ready and changing and we left around 4 to maccas, we ate and drank and left to go amf. i got a bit moody before when i recieved a text but then i just tied to forget about it cos u know why ? i was single for the day baby muahaha 8)

it was quite fun :) LOL i freaking suck at bowling and i figured out why T__T i was using a fucking 12 ball the whole time i onnly used it cos it was blue LMAO like wtf i picked up the green 6 ball and i was holy fuck so light ! i was gunna break my freaking arm throwing that 12 ball . anyways felicia was taking photos of everyone and omg vanessa & lawerance are soo cute ^^ haha. omg & wendy was so good, she even beat me & felicia at bowling ! after the game was done duyen went home and we all went over to the other side and sherena decided to play a skilltester and won on the FIRST go and got this reaaaally cute tiger thingy .. LOL aww ^^ she tried another like 2 times, failed HAHA

alan stayed with us for a while ^^ cos his friends had to leave and then we all went over to ddr for sherena to play . 4 people for each arrow LOL so crammed. we went back to maccas afterwards and i think alan went home and mel, sherena and megan stayed at some furniture store waiting for sherena's dad . saw tony there HAHA he gave us some cheap coffee and i didnt even freaking order it but it was alright haha i got some icecream and me and vanessa and felicia had to go so we said bye, vanessa walked home and me & felicia walked back to station, she was bloated & i was gunna die off icecream LOL

when i went home, i helped my mum out a bit with her work & i got a bit moody around like 10 . i really felt like i didnt care anymore like "do whatever" but then after when i got off i started to miss him a lot and i would most likely see him at formal and hopefully this will be worth getting in trouble for.

Play me a slowjam, play it tonight

- Redd Stylez


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Fifty5 | All Yours

LOL today @ geo was freaking hilarious ! i forgot was exactly happened but there was this one time i was giving shane an "omg T_T" look and felicia turned around while talking and she cracked up at my face HAHA . i remember me & vanessa were cracking up in geo LOL and we did that thing with out hands where u & someone else links hands and when one of them open their hands it looks like a birth canal :) LMAO we were all cracking up, but since i didnt get a turn to actualy look at i was like ... wanna do it again ? vanessa was like oh u're dirty HAHA

i went into ms wong's class again and like me & nat were talking and listening to my ipod & then ms wong goes "CAROLINE. are u doing maths next year ? did u change to 2 unit maths ?" full telling me off to go to my class, but i convinced mr thano (H) hehehe im staying bitches LMAO 8)

@lunch felicia was being a nagging bitch to vanessa and lawerance HAHAHA i was also feeling omg kill me T__T . they wouldnt take a photo & felicia was persuading them & i was sitting in the middle of this ... omg LOL dont u feel sorry for me ? felicia was freaking screaming and i full cracked up when she was like "im leaving in 32 days" HAHAHA blackmail now aye ? even after she said that, they still didnt take the picture LOL then mel joined in haha . i tried doing that hand thing with lawerance but his hands were too big so i gave up .

omg when i went home my computer was stuffed and i have to reformatt again and shit . i am like fucking pmsing as well & i didnt go woolies for like a week so i have no food, my sister's the biggest bitch & its like 28389734529 degrees.

hopefully i`d be able to go to amf this thursday . im meant to go city this sunday with my cousin to take caps but fuck im not paying for like half a sheet of paper HAHA . omg like a week and a half till freaking formal ... T_T ughhh LOL i dont feel like going cos i have no shoes but i guess i`d have to rock up in either flats or converses.
btw thanks felicia for telling me bout this song <3

Girl its all on me baby it's all yours, wherever you are, i told you its here for you

- Taj Jackson


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Fifty4 |

too bad he has a wife .. T_T


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Fifty3 | Don't Know About Love

today was sooo tiring T__T but was kind of fun LOL it was linda's bday outing today :) omg when i went to felicia's house, i thought i was late but noooo, richard & felicia didnt wake up yet LOL :@ there just haddd to be trackwork today so we took the bus and trained it to city. well i think we went maccas first i forgot haha and then paddy markets ? and then finally to k. so funny when david & paul & i think jamie at the end were singing love story, fucking burned my ears HAHA . we took quite a lot of photos in k :) & when we finished we hung around for a bit, went up to galaxy world & easyway, thanks shan for the mango milk tea 8) we went to caps just doing nothing a guess, a few bought some icecream @ passionflower & then after that i think we went to the park near the station to rest, take luvos & muck around :) FUCCCK some fucking lebo groped me in the station like wtf ... O_O :( i feel so violated T__T and so fucking grossed out as well. well me & felicia got off @ lidcome while the rest went back to cabra, and we bus'd it to lakemba and waited and felicia met up with a few of her friends, i think i got home at 8 something. two of the guys on the bus, they looked pretty nice haha one of them was like behind me, "no offence, but you're really short, like omg short" AHHAHA and i stopped and i looked up and they were standing next to me and they were like "omg, how'd u get so short" HAHAHA they were pretty funny haha

i dont know what's gotten into me, i think they just dont know about love when they talk about us

- K-Young


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so today i went school just when felicia didnt go school and vanessa wanted to do something else *cough iggjay *cough LOL aww damn man ! we had a sub for english and p.e & the whole day was pretty boring but it was fun @ recess and lunch :D

LOL @ p.e we had some lady HAHA she was like told me off when i was stretching and then when we were standing around she pointed at me and said "hey, white shirt, you're goalie" wtf LMAO my name isnt white shirt, just cos i had a white shirt on :@ when i was in the goals, banny came over and he was like watch out for the ball, wouldnt want it to hit ur pretty face . omgg i hate being goalie LOL kenny took over thank god ^^ after school i went to livo with richard to go shopping or some shit haha since i didnt get shoes, i got a elwood top - $50 bucks fuck LOL T__T thats a reason why i try not to go shopping . well i was gunna go his house afterwrads for a short while but then i visited felicia instead cos i didnt before haha stayed til like 6 ? :) WHAHAA her mum called me a good girl . so fucking funny . well afterwrads went home for like 40 mins and went ikea to eat and shop for a bit.


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Fifty1 | Rocket

wow i found out that there was this massive sample sale for Ladakh & Anise in the city but .. T_T gosh if i knew sooner would've fucking jigged or something LOL :@ & i didnt even go to school today fuccck ! well i needed to rest & it was hot today + double maths + speech that i havent even done = stay at home :)

Freez is somewhere near miranda might ask my sister to go there. omg ... dresses that were like 80 + are down to $30 - $50 T__T & i need to get shoes soon LOL i was like fucking sooking for 10 mins straight cos i couldnt go today haha. wtf my icecream melts in like 5 secs its soohot T_T i've been watching this vid over and over again cos of the song + the cwalker is alright.

(If Anyone knows the song, please tell me ><)

You're like a rocket in my mind it waiting to define everything about me

- Yuna


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Fifty |

Rule #1 - I will NEVER EVER say i love you when i do not mean it

Rule #2 - If the guy is clingy .... RUN

Rule #3 - If the guy is like super cocky/corny ... RUN

Rule #4 - If they are younger than me ... RUN

Rule #5 - If they are massive flirts - tell them too fuck off

Rule #6 - If he is all talk on net and nothing in real life - tell them to go back to school to learn how to talk or else I am goingggg

Rule #7 - If you love me, make me love you back

Rule #8 - Make me laugh

I might sound like some picky bitch but that is all :)


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Fourty9 | Just Don't ..

even if i act like i dont care, i do

even if i say no, i mean yes

even when im lonely, i'll give u your space

even if i dont say anything, there's a lot on my mind

even if im down, i'll chuck on a smile

even if we're fighting, part of it is to see what you'd say next

dont keep me waiting

dont wait for me either

dont make me do what hurts me the most

dont put me in positions where i cant wriggle out of

dont ever doubt me

dont lie to me, please

dont nobody can do it like me & you


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Fourty8 |

i got asked a very peculiar question yesterday :)

yesterday i went felicia's house then jason's then david's then felicia's LOL omg anyway :) we watched dead silence which i watched before, its alright LOL scarier then other movies i've watched. omg when david's dad walked past the room i was like wtf omfggggg O_O get the fuck up caroline T_T when i went over to felicia's house i sooo knew we wouldnt be studying HAHA but we did for a bit then she was talking to people and i was trying on her dresses :O :$ . her mum cooked us dinner (thanks again) LOL home was the part that ruined my day and i got pretty upset, i was napping and studying in my room until my boyfriend called me and cheered me up :) haha

sc was soo O_O fuck i didnt even know what i was doing for the multiple choice for english and some of the science was just omg wtf am i doing here . lunch was pretty fun :D HAHA i told megan about sunday HAHA she's so funny and cute. goodluck to everyone for the next two days, then shopping for shoes right after this shit is over, YEAH BABY 8)


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Fourty7 | 20 facts

because im bored as fuck :]

1. i LOVEEEE cars ; gt-r is my baby :)

2. i hatee viet noodles especially pho, ew LMAO

3. i dont like car parks ; no, not cos of rapers or pedos LOL cos im scared it will collaspe

4. I never ever, ever do my bed

5. I spread my legs very wide when im at home, be it watching tv, eating or at the computer

6. I dont believe in any gods

7. I've never been on a date

8. I've lost my faith in love

9. When I sleep, whether it's cold or hot, my blanket must be up to my neck and my hair must be covering my ears (scared of bugs crawling in T__T)

10. My hair looks like it had exploded everytime i wake up

11. I hateeee hot weather, hot skin, hot seats & heaters

12. I only like the biscuits in Oreos, i chuck the cream away LOL

13. I can't keep my mouth closed when watching tv

14. Love or Money ? money for sure

15. I have two birthmarks under my right arm where my ribs are.

16. I cut my own fringe

17. I sleep straight with my hands on my tummy O_O LMAO

18. I used to play the recorder and the bass recorder and the piano really well until highschool hit me T__T

19. I usually run away from love

20. I freaking love icecream, it fixes everything :) it's like my second bf, my first bf is of course my GT-R :)


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Fourty6 | Hands On Me

slept all day today T__T fuck did nothing in textiles and got an E HAHA im gunna have asuch a shit report. i literally do nothing in any class nowadays ! ms. sullivan saw my facebook UGHH T__T at p.e me and felicia were walking around the oval like 5 times and we were talking about stuff, what a deep convo :S now im thinking about stuff . well i went to cheso to get sushi cos nothing at home to eat and went into woolies to get some oreos and ran into david and richard . felicia came to cheso like 5 mins after when i got my sushi haha . we talked for a bit got felicia some coke and i got some jelly ^^ hehehe
aww vanessa dogged me in english ! i didnt even do my food tech speech like a zero for me HAHAHA

Put your hands on me and lets do something crazy



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Fourty5 |

LMAO funny funny :)


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Fourty4 |

hmm im feeling a little bit weird not sure if i like that person as much as i thought i did anymore for some reason. maybe its just today but i dont know hardly getting that "butterfly" feeling anymore. felicia says i should tell that someone before the next time i see him but i think its a bit early and im too shy, even though i doubt it, but if he does like me back, im waiting for him to say it even though thats wrong and if i like him, i should tell him. i find myself just staring at the sky or at walls and thinking sometimes i dnt even know what im thinking just staring lols. maybe i should start to have a deep convo get to know him & his past the lag replies are driving me crazy :@. anyways when i went home saw a massive cake box and shoved my face with mud cake. i got a bit bored so i put on my lashes and some shadow i didnt even take luvos or anything just kind of pampered up for nothing.

today was an okay day a bit boring but hey ! i knowhow to tie a tie now (H) hehehe thanks to megan :) i was tickling vanessa in english it was such a bludge seriously ! i didnt even do my food tech speech :( so i got 2 marks off when it was supposed to be 4 (thank god)

i dont even feel like eating these days just either tv, talking or thinking lmao. i keep listening to officially missing you even though it doesnt relate to me or anything O_O except the missing part haha. i used to really not care about guys, whether they give me lag replies or not talk to me at all and im like usually mean (i dont care go away kind of mean) but im not anymore :S should i keep liking you ? im not sure ... should i stop ? should i just control it ? or keep it as a crush till it disappears ?

cannot wait for christmas :)


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Fourty3 |

To Felicia & Vanessa : PLEASE STOP BAGGING ME OUT ! why ? what did i ever do to u guys ? stop teasing me ><>
someone fucking killed my geography lesson today and today was pretty boring except for lunch :D i was hugging vanessa and then lawerance came over and pushed me away :( i got her first buddy :@ and me, megan, melinda & felicia were joking around and tickling each other. me and sydney were talking about cars and &*^&^%&^$ in maths

me: awww i miss him he makes me smile :$
sydney: aw i can tell. u're smiling and staring at ur maths book, u never smile at ur maths book LOL
me: yeahh he's so cute HAHAHAHA

HAHA i got bored and made melinda and megan turn into badass bitches (H) in history we had a test and felicia was like "5 ... 7 ... 9" HAHAHA and asking me about the writing part.

oh & on tuesday sooofucking hot. me and vanessa, felicia & kim were spanking each other :$ HAHA kim spanks soo hard :( i was playing like all sport with megan and lawerance kept fucking stealing the ball and playing against the wall which fucking cracked me up HAHAHA when we settled down i started taking pics of lawerance and vanessa cos im a pro photographer (H) and felicia and kim were taking luvos together.



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Fourty2 | Island of Love

today was a nice day =] a bit too hot though :@ well i planned to go burwood with vincent but i missed 2 trains so i told richard to come out and jason and davurt came out as well. while i was waiting for jason and davurt to pick me up, the fucking old man had a smerk on his face and walks past saying "how are you" like wtf GO AWAY LOL . anyways we were waiting for richard to come then we ate some brekkie then waited for felicia to come. we were talking and joking. jason had these realllllly dirty pictures for his screensaver soo fucking funny, all the boys were bagging him out haha ! then jason and his friend, peter went somewhere and we went davurts house to watch paranormal acitvity, jesus christ not that scary ! hardly anything pops up and richard was sooo slow he kept asking questions LOL it was funny how we were all spooning and lying down altogether HAHA that was hilarious. well after paranormal activity we watched ghost month til 5 then me and felicia walked to her house and i dont know where richard went, prolly home. me & felicia had a talk while waiting for my mum T__T and my cousin came over till like 9.30 :) hehe joking around with my webcam
anyways overall it was a nice day :)

We're stranded on this
island of love, it's just you me and skies above

- Mishon


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