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so today i went school just when felicia didnt go school and vanessa wanted to do something else *cough iggjay *cough LOL aww damn man ! we had a sub for english and p.e & the whole day was pretty boring but it was fun @ recess and lunch :D

LOL @ p.e we had some lady HAHA she was like told me off when i was stretching and then when we were standing around she pointed at me and said "hey, white shirt, you're goalie" wtf LMAO my name isnt white shirt, just cos i had a white shirt on :@ when i was in the goals, banny came over and he was like watch out for the ball, wouldnt want it to hit ur pretty face . omgg i hate being goalie LOL kenny took over thank god ^^ after school i went to livo with richard to go shopping or some shit haha since i didnt get shoes, i got a elwood top - $50 bucks fuck LOL T__T thats a reason why i try not to go shopping . well i was gunna go his house afterwrads for a short while but then i visited felicia instead cos i didnt before haha stayed til like 6 ? :) WHAHAA her mum called me a good girl . so fucking funny . well afterwrads went home for like 40 mins and went ikea to eat and shop for a bit.


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