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WISHLIST 2013 by caroline-ngo featuring pandora rings

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Kinky Questions, go go go go

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Be Invasive

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Give me some confidence

I used to be so insecure ..don't get me wrong I still am .. just not as much. I don't have a million dollar body or a model face or the best personality but I'm different .. I keep shit real and I'm not your typical girl and I think that's what I love most about myself. My FWB has given me so much confidence .. I feel so much better about myself. However I am going to admit my flaws .. I hate listing them but I feel like it's the only way I'm going to get over them :

· horrible body and facial hair
· acne scars
· uneven skin tone/texture
· non existant ass
· my nose
· thin lips
· occasional bad breath

Okay .. let's just hope this post won't be the reason why I'm single haha

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My dad always thinks I choose my friends over my family.

I'm so sick of having this fucking fight over and over again. And he wonders why I can't just sit down and talk to him because we always end up fighting.

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