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Fourty1 | Halloween

i wish this was america so we can all scab lollies off old people :D

my nose kind of rubbed off T__T & yes im missing an ear HAPPY HALLOWEEN :D


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Fourty | Wishlist

oh i know im getting obsessed with shoes and cars, i am very sorry but i truly cant help it :( fuck boys LOL my two favourites loves ftw ~

so umm right now .. its a battle between ..

^ $110 - 85 cos i have a voucher
^ $150 - on sale $80

^ $85 - on sale 45

&bare with me ; this is my wishlist atm !

thats all LMAOOO i think im being a bit too greedy or selfish but santa loves me and its gunna be christmas soon ! woot woot !


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THIRTY9 | What Happens To Me

wooow i havent blogged in a million years ! :O well last week was the worst week ever ! so many tests and assignments ! and in two weeks i have my sc, well every year 10 has theirs but i hope it will be all over cos it wont be long till we all sign out and start having fun :) i have enough money for a summer shopping spree but im blowing it when i go shopping with my girls ! hehehe . i think by the time i go shopping i`d have a bit more than 150 . well today i had a science test and felicia was annoying the shit outta me and in english vanessa was getting a bit high and ticked all my words on my letter LOL i reaaaaally need to stop youtubing and downloading music x__x and this time im pretty sure my braces are getting off pretty soon cos they look almost done ! i really wanna watch paranormal activity (click for trailer) like who doesnt wanna watch it ? omg LOL


i think i just jizzed in my pants :$

imagine life with you not with me, tell me what happens to me

- Brian Seo


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oh jesus LOL i went livo today with jerry i wasted all my cred fml and even though i wanted to watch the final destination i didnt wanna watch it with jerry cos i wanted to watch with someone else like felicia and vanessa cos scary movies with my best girls are the best :D well we walked around livo for like i dunno half an hour, talking then i realised he seemed bored and i wanted to punch a wall LMAO so i was like "lets go ... somewhere :L" and he drove .. i dont even know where but we stopped at a street and we were talking and this old lady was smiling and looking at him HAHAHAHA . well after that i just went back to cabra cos i didnt want him to drive me home cos my rents might see and will get sussed like "WHO THE FCK IS THAT HUH" so yeah i saw elaine, viet and brandon at cabra but i went home anyways cos there was no one at cabra to hang with. i got sushi and happycup and i come home all sad and i hear karaoke and im like .. omfg fml should've suggested to go city today or some shit . then my sister was like full asking me about my day like who did u go with ? did u make out ? did u drink ? did u smoke ? T__T like piss off man :@ im bored to the point where i wanna kill someone ..


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THIRTY7 | Schools are bitches !

School telephone answering machine – Maroochydore High School Queensland

if i called up it would make me wanna bash my phone and then kick the principal in the face.


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THIRTY6 | Last Days Baby !

wooo i went to see shizeng today :D
i came to cabra at like 11 cos SOMEONE was supposed to be there but noooo so i went parra straight away cos i knew paul and sarina would be there already so i hung out with them until 12.45 where i saw shizeng i made her wait for so long, sorry babe ! ><" we walked around and talked for the whole day ahaha we stayed at borders for a while to read some magazines and then blackie chan came along and shouted me popcorn, i could've been meaner nd made him shout me something else but nahhh (A) i went home at like 3.50 ? so quick :L and i went cheso then villa then cheso again cos of my mum T_T well party tmrw hopefully when i get back tmrw i dont have to go to another party cos i dont like them bitches next door who's throwing the party lmao . snitched on me when i told them i jigged LMAO omg im procrastinating so much i need to finish writing off the history ass and at least start on my speech, fuck science :( u know why im procrastinating ? SHOES, FKN SHOES ... im so shattered and pissed outta my mind but its okay i have a $25 voucher for betts shoes cos the shoe i wanted isnt on sale anymore .. :( LMAO fuck my life !


SHIZENG (left) & CAROLINE (right)


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i went to vanessa's house today :) i stopped by maccas for a bit and when i finally arrived, we watched g.i joe cos district 9 was getting boring and i was playing around with her cat omg its sooo cute ^^" we stopped to eat some dinner then continued 8) chicken was yum LOL i left around 6.30 and when i was walking back to maccas i saw this hot car and this hot guy inside it i was staring at the car driving past and i walked into a bush .. T__T


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THIRTY4 | Friend

today i went livo with felicia !

we had lots of time to go shopping and it was just two levels so u know all good (Y) when we went supre we saw sarina :) i started to have a killer stomache and my lower back started hurting even though i didnt have my P's O_O but it went away haha. we tried on a dress at dotti but it was too expensive so we left. omg the funniest moments of today was when after we left ice, i was walking to just jeans but felicia was walking to some store called OXY or some shit and i knew it was a men's store cos i`ve been in it so i called out "yeah you're man felicia come on!" and she still walked to the store then she finally freaking realised it was a guys store she startesd cracking upp and i was laughing shamelessly ahaha & also when we were leaving supre i walked into a rack and a few shirts fell down LMAO. anyway when we stopped by betts we tried on heels and i tried on the heels i wanted for a very long time - it was such a disappointment, the shoe didnt have much grip so i was like awww T_T i tried on a pair of black peeptoes but with a silver heel with 2 straps it looked soo cute and simple and even though it was high and a bit tight around my toes, it fel very comfy to walk in and stuff and it was on sale 30% off D: it was only 76 but if i bought it i couldnt get the supre tight skirt i saw soo i had no choice but leave the beautiful heels behind, itll prolly be sold out soon :( awwww anyways i finally got foundation thankgod but im making my sister pay me back for it . yes it sounds slack but she's the one paying for all my make up anyway. we went to go bra shopping for like 30 mins soo tiring for me LOL but i cant believe i spent 50 bucks today T_T even worse, felicia spent 100 LMAO i was soo thirsty at the end of the day and i was tired too. i came home at like 5.15 ? i had some gooood sushi today at cheso and it was like 3 bucks for a whole box of sushi ! so cheap yet so yummmm


FELICIA (left) & CAROLINE (right)

after when i went home i tried on the skirt i bought with a couple of tops woo im so happy :) umm i called vanessa and i should be going to her house tmrw and i must repeat MUST start and be at least half way on my assignment so i have enough time to do it tmrw and on thursday. im gunna get nerdy now haha thats all for today

enjoy :)

T.O.P & Tae Yang - Friend


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plans for the last week fo hols, oh no :(

tuesday - livo with felicia and prolly kim
wednesday - might go vanessa's house
thursday - nothing
friday - parra with shizeng
saturday - vincent's party
sunday - city or some shit with jerry

then the next following day .. HISTORY ASSIGNMENT DUE
ughhhh T_T

LMAO i must do assignment on wednesday or else i am fucked and i have to dog one of the outings to do my assignment T__T


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yesterday was alrightt cos i went to the chemist warehouse in the morning around 11 and i only got mascara + eyeliner. i was planning to get some foundation & concealer but nooo .. my shade wasnt available ! after that, i went cabra with my sister & her bf to bau truong to eat and my sister was being soo pushy and bossy she full pissed me off so i went off and stayed at cabra. i met up with felicia i think at like 1 ? we saw mikool and others and we sat at happy cupand jupiter for like 1 and a half hours, i got kinda moody cos it was a waste of time and i was bored as fuck. even though i didnt wanna go to mehmet's house i went anyways with the others cos i thought we'd make some progress instead of hanging at the cafe doing nothing. when we all came, we were in his room just talking and laughing and we moved out to the lounge where we all mucked around & relaxed, watching tv & eating chips & pizza. i started getting moody at like 5.30 cos my mum called me and i was in trouble but i stayed anyways cos everyone was having fun but when we left and was outside i was definitely not in the mood.

felicia & davurt & i went home together and i walked home cos my mum didnt wanna pick me up and well i didnt go on net/comp. yesterday cos i was not in the mood and my rents were badmouthing and discussing about me .... <_<> anyways this morning when i woke up i was feeling really meh cos i have nothing to do after tuesday besides movies with jerry on sunday & maybe party on saturday ughhhhh T_T i realised i have 2 assignments & a speech due next week FUCK ! my comp. doesnt even have word so i dnt know what to do cos my sister will get pissed off if i use her laptop and my dad doesnt let me use his computer. fucking stingy cunts


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all i did today was go to the dentist where i saw layla & the dentist said around 3 more months till i take my braces out :( fml ! i went around cabra for a while and ate at won kee by myself cos i was hungry as and i had to eat before my teeth started hurting. well i got soymilk & taro jellies LOL i should've gotten a movie @ solution8 im most likely going out a lot this following week but im trying to think of who to go with and where (cos im a tightass).

I can't wait to H.A.T.E.U. cos right now I need you

- Mariah Carey Ft. OJ Da Juiceman, Big Boi & Gucci Mane


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THIRTY | Why oh why oh why ..

SHOPPING BABY (H) ohhh yeah ;D today i went shopping with vanessa & felicia :D we went parramatta cos livo can smd :) & it was latenight even though we didnt stay late so yeah haha

i forked out 70 bucks today :( 50 - ripped faded white/bluey jeans + temt sequined singlet ! i was going to get foundation but nooo, Priceline didnt have "Maybelline - Pure Make-up" in Sandy Biege aka Medium 1. We all met each other @ 10.50 and when we arrived @ parra, we went priceline straight away LOL i was looking for some foundation and checking out the eyeshadows while felicia and vanessa were looking at some eyeliners or something. i didnt get anything T_T when i was sooo excited especially for priceline because there was nothing special lols. after that we were going through a lot of shops on the first level .

i swear like 60% of the shops we went to prolly even more we didnt even get anything. WE WENT INTO PANDORA FOR GODS SAKE LOL

well after a hard work's day *ahem we all finally went home and i went cheso, woolies with felicia just to check if they have the foundation & felicia wanted to go get some chips and then i wnt to chinese shop & fruit shop & went back to felicia's house for about 45 mins ? i dunno cos my sister was picking me up so yeahs. when i went home my mum got a bit pissed at my jeans LMAO & she started lecturing me about my laziness T__T

& my feeet & knees REALLY hurt. i feel sorry for vanessa LOL goddamn and she was thinking of wearing heels haha

thats all im feeling tired


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2NE9 | A little something ..

something i`ve been working on, hopefully for formal ! & soon to be improved too haha


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2NE8 | Just Wanna

so on sunday was my sister's fail birthday party, i swear my mum made so much food like it was a house party. it was all nice and cool and dark so i was relaxing in bed phoning with vincent for like 10 mins or so UNTIL i got the worst fucking phone call of my life from felicia :@ LOL "mehmet O.D & mikool got hit by a car" WTF ...... i full started crying when i hung up with her even though i knew she was bullshitting cos shegot their names mixed up T__T then after i called her again and she started laughing and said it was a joke i started raging it like hell, so i called vanessa and screamed like a bitch LOL . even kieran hugged me when i was crying :( HAHA well anyways i calmed down after that and watched the eels v.s storms & storms won :( i was getting a bit excited about shopping cos i saw stuff on sale and i had a bit of money and i went high and tried to persuade felicia but then i dont think she was paying attention T_T and then i phoned with felicia for like 1 hour when i was watching evan almighty/rove & then i slept kinda early today only @ like 1 or 1.30 and SOMEONE called me at 3.40 and i ended up phoning with her for one hour fuck ... so tiring LOL i feel asleep at like around 5 and my sister is so slack. she got a scarf from forever new from her friends for her birthday and she gave it to me cos she didnt like it HAHAHA i got a new scarf :D & this arvo i spent my arvo organising my music cos some fcking reason all my songs werent on itunes so i had to manually play each one cos if i opened every song at once, my computer will freeze so yeah :( 600 songs by hand FUCK

fo sho I love you girl (and I know it) just wanna

- Lil Sokz


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2NE7 | Oh how white i was

YR1 - im the one with the horrible bangs ! the one with the piggy tails is dilys :) my primary best friend


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2NE6 | Woot Baby

MWAHAHA i am so not mean (A)
well yesterday i phoned with vincent for a while then three wayed with felicia ;D when i went to bed felicia texted me (A) hehe and then i decided to prank call vincent cos he was asleep haha i woke that bitch up. then some ganga called me at 3.30 ... T___T when felicia was saying shit i was like bye bye bye bye *hang up* LMAO . i went toilet afterwards cos someone woke me up :@ and then geelong texted me 10 mins later then CALLED me. phoned for like 10 mins and i hung up cos i was feeling super dead. texted each other for a bit and then i fell asleep.

& yeah thats it ! im uncapped but nothing to download du ma LOL maybe i should watch another drama. i finished watching My Sassy Girl to see what all the fuss was about. it was okay .. not that bad, maybe cos i watched the movie not the series :S
& i dont think anyone actually uses my song of the day shit but i know foh sure that if i find a good song i`ll post it but there aint many good songs atm

&today i just watched What Happens In Vegas & Perfume : The Story Of A Murderer in my room with aircon ^^ & vanessa called me like just then and we talked for 20 mins :)


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