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jesus i finally have net back and that fucking bastard took my monitor & keeps taking my aircon remote when its hot as fuck. like WTFFF BRO give me fucking aircon man whats wrong with me putting it on for an hour everyday ? JUST ONE FUCKING HOUR

fuck me dead i think i just might go insane again and i need to get back on track on tumblr

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seven things i do that show i like a guy

1. stare at his lips (DO NOT ASK ME WHY LOL)

2. fixed glances

3. turn around and squeeze my face together

5. look up while smiling

6. shouting him something

7. bite my lip

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well yesterday i went parra with allan and his two friends to watch sherlock holmes and eat, went back at like 4.30 ? i stayed at cabra til 7 ? then went home cos SOMEONE made me stay back and shit T_T

grrr like only 6 or 7 days left til school T_T

i am only going out for 2 more days and those are :

going to see felicia on friday

& going to paul's / dillon's birthday on sunday

after that i gotta give it a rest or else im gunna get in trouble man, fuckkk i hate my rents they dont give me money at all now ! >_>


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omg yesterday was kind of boring but it wasnt like "OH GOD KILL ME IM SO BORED" it was a iuno .. a relaxing content kind of bored ? haha

i was hanging out with peter the whole day omfg journey that day - i went cabra to drink coffee and i thought i was gunna go iceskating so i borrowed 10 bucks off sarina ><> but peter didnt have enough money so like we went livo anyway ? we fucking went in, went to the food court then left, like literally we didnt stay at westfields for more than 10 mins, we went back to cabra to get sushi and then at train station fuckk that was a piss off but it didnt get to me cos i couldnt even care less, we went villa to go amf and then maccas to see vanessa :) i didnt really need my wallet ? but i asked anyway LOL well we went back to cabra at 6 walked around and stayed there for another 2 hours fuck T_T

well tmrw im gunna go parra to watch a movie, hopefully i'll have enough money if not allan is gunna pay for me .. omfg im gunna be in debt like seriously


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yay im gunna go see a friend today and have coffee (H) after that we're gunna ... yeah i have no idea cos we both only have $10 so yee, we're screwed

& my sister, that bitch keeps telling me off for phoning, cos i "talk too loud" geez stfu its not like im talking right next to ur ear, im a hallway and a room away from u, relax !

mann for the past 4 days i didnt do anything and i needa get my wallet back, well i dont need to its just i told vanessa to bring it on thursday but i couldnt come on thursday to maccas cos i was like reallly late to go to a friend's house & gg how my rents busted me for drinking but fark my dad is getting on my nerves real bad, that asshole !


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GOAL OF 2010

Get a tee from the following brands :

Henleys, Mossimo, Wrangler, Lonsdale, One Teaspoon, Mooks, Adidas, Elwood, G-Star Raw Denim, Stussy, Converse, Ladakh, Lulu & Rose, Super Dry, allbouteve, Nude Lucy

& Possibly/Maybe :

Levis, Grab Denim, Ksubi, Onitsuka Tiger,

& Yes i can only dream big LOL ; am i really asking for too much ? NTS : save up for end of financial year sales ! and i want a fake chanel bag :)

& thanks vanessa for helping me cross out one brand :D

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dont you just hate it when your rents dont give u enough privacy ? my parents are fucking crazy, no jokes, my dad checks up on my sites and spies on my fucking msn convos ? like wtf ? i know right.

& dont you hate it when your rents think dating = sex ? and all boys want to have sex when they say i love you or whatever ? i feel like kicking my mum in the face. no seriously, they full make me sound like a slut man and im like wtf ? i dont even have a bf in the first place to start off with. so actually you know my mum thinks any BOY friend = sex = pregnant THEN they will leave you and then may i quote “you’re screwed looking after your kid”

& do you ever have rents who “warn” you whenever you’re going out to eat or whatever, to “watch out people might spike your food & drinks, so don’t share with anyone” or “they’ll drug you, kidnap you, rape you then murder you”

& what the fuck is with parents joining facebook ? thats out of this world crazy and i’ve been thinking, yeah maybe just maybe our parents try to scare us, give us the biggest stupidest lectures out and give us the “best” discipline but in the end they take out the fun of everything,

cos when did holding hands mean getting pregnant ? no really, cos i was walking around canley (tipsy) with rocky and we were holding hands and i dont know who, but a family friend saw and told on me and now my rents think im having sex and warning me bout getting pregnant and they are comparing me to the dumbest sluttiest bitches who have kids, well obviously im fucking smart, SO CHILLAX STOP BEING SO OTT, killing my holidays.

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that's vanessa's kind of thang !

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welll today i went parra with vanessa fuckkkkk it was soooooo hot today ! T__T it was really fun hanging out with her today :D

ngaw i love her so much, she was willing to get me this stussy tee as my um chrissie or err my bday pressie .. O_O i dontknow but THANKS A MILLION :D

i got this dress but it's in indigo so yeaah ... 50 bucks the front is nice but the back is a big plain and kinda see through T__T
well after i went parra i had to go cabra stayed there for a bit waiting for a bus and omfg ... pedos ... i swear man .. T_T


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seventy9 |

migrated to tumblr !



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seventy8 | angels cry

hmmm nothing much today just went to sons house for a bit to watch the hangover LMAO for like the 3rd time .. ahah

i got some sushi and icecream and coffee ? LOL

maannnn so boring today ahaha !

when you and i say goodbye i thought the angels cry, true loves a gift, we let it drift

- Mariah Carey Ft. Ne-Yo


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seventy7 | lullaby

im so confused rofls and im stuck but im ridin' solo cos its me and me alone.

going to bebe sale soon !

i'll still sing you this lullaby

- Shawn Desman


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seventy7 |

well i went rocky's house + cabra / jup + villa maccas today :)

well the first part fo my day was alright which was walking all the way to get sushi and i saw son and brandon at cabra then i went to rocky's house .. ughh anyways

after that i got a bit moody and i went to jup saw minh and i met ann & ann LOL, i went off without saying bye cos i didnt feel like it, me and minh went to station i walked off to go to the busses and ran into paul (thank the lord) LOL i saw rocky following me and realising i was gone (uh oh ... i have a feeling he's gunna get pissseddddddd :) ) LOL well i was being a pmsing bitch and with the great two lovebirds, they laughed along with me ;) i love them two like seriously :D

well i wish i went movies with shizheng but .. meh gunna go parra on firday then dentist to take off my bottoms hehehe ! yay completely no more braces in 4 days :D:D:D:D


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seventy6 |

ohhh homemade & purchased facemarks are the besttt !

well i did nothing today so sick and tired of being home alone, so fuckng boring ! :@ well son came over yesterday and it was fucking pouring, i had to walk out to pick him up at cheso and i was like .. drowned in the rain. we got some sushi but he wanted a kebab LOL too late, and i got some ice tea and tim tams :) when we got back to my house we watched the family guy saga .. something something darkside. we left at 5ish cos my rents were going to my aunty's house and i didnt want him to be in the car alone so i went (big mistake) and i was stuck at her house for like 1 hour and me and my dad were arguing so i left to go cabra and stayed for 30 mins ? cos i wanted to go home . i went villa maccas at like 9ish and stayed til 10 with my sis cos she felt sick and when we got home .. i dunno LOL just msn and shit

my rents didnt come home til 12.30

im sooo friggin boreddd !


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nye sucked balls

new years was pretty boring .. man i should've went off with someone else when i had the chance but i couldnt since no one would take me there and shit ..

first i went to cabra to go to rocky's house and we went back but we stayed at cabra til like fucking 6, i didnt see many people that i knew of, which was a shame cos i wanted to like go off with other people than staying with him the whole night, since it was everyone's last day of 2009.

well i was pretty much at townhall + chinatown for the whole time which really annoyed me, like i couldnt even see the fireworks properly, when thats the reason why i came city in the first place. and people were saying u need to pay 20 bucks to see it. that was fucking bs. anywayz i was like missing felicia & vanessa a lot so yeah .. didnt have my two girls with me on nye

anyways i was gunna have dinner but then we were looking for places (none were good) so we settled down for subway. hmmm we went show, which was pretty shit too and like .. the rest of the night was .. hmm ... SHIT.

i was like fucking pmsing as well but i didnt wanna get all pissy and rage it instead i just stayed quiet and followed along, didnt wanna kill the mood even further so yeah --"

i stayed til like 2 cos i needed to go home, i didnt even count down properly at darling harbour, thatwas like what i've wanted all year ... fuck

im getting a bit moody everytime i think about it. but oh wells at least son is coming over tmrw and my rents are going beach (H) keke .. but they're gunna meet son anyway so gg LOL

im thinking of making a tumblr not sure ..


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