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ohhh homemade & purchased facemarks are the besttt !

well i did nothing today so sick and tired of being home alone, so fuckng boring ! :@ well son came over yesterday and it was fucking pouring, i had to walk out to pick him up at cheso and i was like .. drowned in the rain. we got some sushi but he wanted a kebab LOL too late, and i got some ice tea and tim tams :) when we got back to my house we watched the family guy saga .. something something darkside. we left at 5ish cos my rents were going to my aunty's house and i didnt want him to be in the car alone so i went (big mistake) and i was stuck at her house for like 1 hour and me and my dad were arguing so i left to go cabra and stayed for 30 mins ? cos i wanted to go home . i went villa maccas at like 9ish and stayed til 10 with my sis cos she felt sick and when we got home .. i dunno LOL just msn and shit

my rents didnt come home til 12.30

im sooo friggin boreddd !


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