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well i went rocky's house + cabra / jup + villa maccas today :)

well the first part fo my day was alright which was walking all the way to get sushi and i saw son and brandon at cabra then i went to rocky's house .. ughh anyways

after that i got a bit moody and i went to jup saw minh and i met ann & ann LOL, i went off without saying bye cos i didnt feel like it, me and minh went to station i walked off to go to the busses and ran into paul (thank the lord) LOL i saw rocky following me and realising i was gone (uh oh ... i have a feeling he's gunna get pissseddddddd :) ) LOL well i was being a pmsing bitch and with the great two lovebirds, they laughed along with me ;) i love them two like seriously :D

well i wish i went movies with shizheng but .. meh gunna go parra on firday then dentist to take off my bottoms hehehe ! yay completely no more braces in 4 days :D:D:D:D


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