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My dad always thinks I choose my friends over my family.

I'm so sick of having this fucking fight over and over again. And he wonders why I can't just sit down and talk to him because we always end up fighting.

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money rant lol

So my dad gets $500 + of my youth allowance, which I don't even get a cent of.

I've paid for gas twice and the groceries for this fucking week.

I get taxed 15%, and I only earn $12.86 which is pathetic.

I've had shitty phones for the past 3 and a half years and I just want this new phone. 64$ a month, I'm asking my dad for 50$ a month to help me pay for it but he's stingy. Everybody else in the family is against me on getting this new phone. I'm getting it very soon but I'm not sure which provider to go on - Voda or Optus.

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Someone? Anyone? Ready, set, go.

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what am i doing with my money

I've probably spent more than 150 bucks this year on nail polish and haha .. shitttttt LOL it's taking a toll on both my nails (because they're starting to yellow) and my wallet.

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This IS a game of "Who the fuck are you"!

  • Name: Caroline
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Relationship status: SINGLE
  • Birthday: 18 may
  • Favorite color: gold
  • Favorite bands/musicians: deadmau5, ne-yo, usher etc.
  • Last song listened: Far East Movement Ft. Flo-Rida & Sidney Samson - Change Your Life
  • Favorite movie: Girl, Interrupted, Kill Bill, Harry Potter
  • Last movie watched: Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Favorite book: Harry Potter (the entire series)
  • Last book read: Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
  • # of siblings: 1 sister
  • # of pets: 0
  • Best school subject: biology
  • Mac or PC? mac
  • Cell phone type: sony ericsson
  • Current shirt color: purple
  • Gamer? not really
  • Day or night? night
  • Summer or winter? Winter
  • Most-visited website? tumblr
  • Celebrity crush: angelina jolie, miranda kerr

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I have no idea why I've been luvo-ing so much lately :|

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Invade My Privacy

1. It's green ? LOL
2. I have perfume cards up on my wall
3. I dont have any posters?
4. I have 2 computers
5. I keep all my stuffed toys in one little area so I dont have to look at the girly-ness
6. I have a single bed (I used to have a queen)
7. It's messy
8. I have a built in warbrobe
9. I have bars on my window
10. My carpet is green too ? LOL

1. I have an older sister - 24
2. We used to fight A LOT
3. My parents have been divorced
4. My dad is lazy - eyed
5. I look a lot like my dad .. just more beautiful :')
6. My dad's family back in VN before the war was HELLA RICH
7. My mum's family used to be HELLA POOR
8. My dad's an alcoholic and he used to smoke
9. I am obviously the youngest, therefore the most loved :')

1. My skin is really blotchy on my arms .. for some reason :|
2. I have 2 birthmarks
3. I hate my body hair lol
4. I have a nice belly button ? LMAO
5. I have quite a lot of scars on my limbs
6. My middle finger is crooked
7. I have a tan line on my thighs
8. I have a thong tan line on my feet LMFAO from holidays

1. Chocolate was a luxury for me. I was never allowed to have it.
2. The only toys I had were 2 barbie dolls
3. I loved Scooby Doo & Mr Bean
4. I wanted to be a bank teller so I could count money LOL
5. I LOVED durian when I was a kid
6. My mum gave me the ugliest haircuts ever
7. I was hospitalised at one point

1. I'm gunna skip this cos it's a boring question 


omfg I already did this


1. i love food
2. i love money

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