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Invade My Privacy

1. It's green ? LOL
2. I have perfume cards up on my wall
3. I dont have any posters?
4. I have 2 computers
5. I keep all my stuffed toys in one little area so I dont have to look at the girly-ness
6. I have a single bed (I used to have a queen)
7. It's messy
8. I have a built in warbrobe
9. I have bars on my window
10. My carpet is green too ? LOL

1. I have an older sister - 24
2. We used to fight A LOT
3. My parents have been divorced
4. My dad is lazy - eyed
5. I look a lot like my dad .. just more beautiful :')
6. My dad's family back in VN before the war was HELLA RICH
7. My mum's family used to be HELLA POOR
8. My dad's an alcoholic and he used to smoke
9. I am obviously the youngest, therefore the most loved :')

1. My skin is really blotchy on my arms .. for some reason :|
2. I have 2 birthmarks
3. I hate my body hair lol
4. I have a nice belly button ? LMAO
5. I have quite a lot of scars on my limbs
6. My middle finger is crooked
7. I have a tan line on my thighs
8. I have a thong tan line on my feet LMFAO from holidays

1. Chocolate was a luxury for me. I was never allowed to have it.
2. The only toys I had were 2 barbie dolls
3. I loved Scooby Doo & Mr Bean
4. I wanted to be a bank teller so I could count money LOL
5. I LOVED durian when I was a kid
6. My mum gave me the ugliest haircuts ever
7. I was hospitalised at one point

1. I'm gunna skip this cos it's a boring question 


omfg I already did this


1. i love food
2. i love money

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