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my day was friggin fabolous

So .. there was this special offer going on .. if you spend more than $130 on Westfield giftcards at Bondi you get an invitation to a masterclass and a sample of the lip mists. I went into DJ's to book it and overheard a private offer .. buy 2 get either a lip mist, eye brush or eyeliner of your choice ... omg i couldn't resist so I ended up getting:

So I chose Lip Mist - Copper as my gift because I wanted that for a long time. I said I was giving it away as a gift so she gave me a gift box and threw in the eye shader #11 for me ... so I got $104 worth of makeup for free. She was the most friendliest make up artist I have ever met and so helpful. 

I also bought my berry plum blouse from Bardot I've been eyeing for a while and it was half price! YAY! And I had a mini jewellery haul at Lovisa!  And I got an extra Burberry sample/invitation pack for free as well hehe .. I have no idea who to give that to since no one goes to Bondi and Burberry Beauty is my little secret.

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