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Someone has called you annoying in the past 24 hours.
You steal things out of your siblings room.
You always have trouble falling asleep.
You would say no if the last person you kissed proposed to you.

You have fallen down stairs at school.
You have a daily going-to-bed routine you can’t go to sleep without doing.
You think the ripped-jeans trend is kind of uncool.
You have had a boyfriend stolen from you.
You have had a horrible ‘meeting the parents’ experience.
You plan to move out of your town as soon as possible.
You have been friends with someone who you never thought you would.
You have lived in a house or apartment alone before.
If given the chance, you would kiss the last person you texted
You have had to ask permission to do something from a bf.
You always have to brush your hair before going to sleep.
You have eaten meat in the past six hours.
You know someone who would NEVER leave the house without makeup on.
You met the last person you called at school.
You have failed the drivers test.
You have gotten a blister from burning your hand on a straightener or curler.
You went trick-or-treating last Halloween.
You would be jealous if your bf’s best friend was the opposite sex.
You have very exciting plans during the next few days.
You have felt like crying in the past week.
You HAVE cried in the past week.
Your best friend has the same color eyes as you.
Your best friend is more outgoing then you.
Your e-mail password has to do with your family.
You have cried on a crush’s shoulder before.
You have not gotten along well at all with a bf of gf’s friends.
A bf or gf has not gotten along with your friends at all.
You are home alone right now.
You don’t own a cellphone.
You’re waiting for a call right now.
You’ve waited for hours for someone to call, but they didn`t.
You’ve lost a friend over a member of the opposite sex.
You’re embarassed to be seen in public with your parents.
You have been given a hickey before.
You have felt like punching someone today.
At least one of your friend’s is sick right now.
You own at least one pair of heels.
You’d break your neck if you wore heels outside.
You should probably be getting ready right now.
You have gotten drunk with the last person who called you.
You have had a very unusual pet before.
You’re excited for Christmas already.
You have an account on quizilla.
You’re embarassed to wear sweatpants in public.
You have your current crush on MSN.
Nothing ever happened with the last person you had a crush on.
You have had a bf or gf forget your birthday.
You celebrated the one-month in your last relationship.
You wish this survey was over already.
You plan on dressing up this year for Halloween.
You delete your internet history.
You have called the cops on your neighboors for being so loud.
There are at least a couple words you can NEVER spell.
You’re not related to the last person you were in a car with.

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hmm so lately ive been studying and phoning a whole lot, and i should stop when i have my half yearlies

aniva's birthday party should look fkn spectacular at night, i saw pics of the place far .. i like the bit near the water

right now im just trying on a shoe, its a bit loose in some places, im not sure if i should invest in them and if im allowed to exchange them for another pair

& this is an anology im not doing this literally ! haha

i really wanna paint french nails but i gotta buy nail polish remover grr

today was an alright day ! didnt do much, just slept in chem & my bio teacher was boring the shitzz outta me and im procrastinating like usual .. i feel like a nap ..

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About me

Time started: 11:48pm Name: caroline ngo Single or Taken: single Sex: female Birthday: 18 may Sign: taurus Eye colour: dark brown What are you wearing: adidas hoodie, mossimo singlet & dark blue pj bottoms Where do you live: chester hill, bankstown, sydney Righty or lefty:righty

FAVORITE ———————————————————————————————

Where is your favorite place to shop: glue Color: black, blue & metallics Number: 17 Boys Name: evan, charlie Girls Name: er .. LOL any idc Animal: bunnies & dogs Month: december Movie: hangover Juice: apple & mango Breakfast: cereal / up&go Favorite cartoon character: stewie / homer

HAVE YOU EVER ——————————————————————————————— Given anyone a bath: nope Smoked: yes Bungee Jumped: nope Gone skinny dipping: no LOL Eaten a dog: WTF NO LOL Put your tongue on a frozen pole: nope Loved someone so much it made you cry: yes Broken a bone: nope Played truth or dare: yeahh haha Been in a physical fight: yes with my sister and my dad Been in a police car: no, thankgod Been in a hot tub: i think i have ? Swam in the ocean: yess Fallen asleep in school: yess many times Ran away: yes Broken someone’s heart: yes Cried when someone died: yes Cried in school: yes Fell off your chair: yes LMAO Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: i think so LOL Saved AIM/MSN conversation: yepp

WHAT IS ———————————————————————————————

Your good luck charm: some badge with baby feet on it LOL Best song you ever heard: hm LOL everything - b2k What’s your room like: very messy Last thing you ate: nutella toast What kind of shampoo do you use: kms or pantene Do you believe in karma: yeahh

HAVE YOU HAD ———————————————————— Chicken pox: yep when i was 5 Sore Throat: ofc Stitches: nope Broken nose: no LMFAO ew

DO YOU ——————————————————————

Believe in love at first sight: not really Like picnics: i dont mind them Like school: at times ... barely What schools have you gone to: regents park, cheso north & cheso high Would you eat a live hamster for $1,000,000 dollars: no fuck off LOL Who was the last person that called you: peter What makes you laugh the most: felicia, vanessa, danny & peter LMAO

LAST PERSON ——————————————— You yelled at: my mum .. Who is your loudest friend: Jordan

DO YOU/ARE YOU ——————————————————————————————

Do you like filling these out: yeah it passes the time and makes me laugh LOL Do you wear contacts or glasses: nope but i want to get glasses soon Do you like yourself: hmm yeah Do you get along with your family: noo not really Obsessive: not really Compulsive: nahh

FINAL QUESTIONS —————————————————————————————-

What are you listening to right now: Usher Ft. T.I. - Guilty What did you do yesterday: Went cabra, livo then city then felicias house Hate someone in your family: yes my dad & my sister What car do you wish to have: gt-r r35 :$

Where do you want to get married: before 30 If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be: umm a lot of things like be less forgetful How many remote controls are in your house: like fkn more than 5 less than 10 Are you double jointed: hell no LOL wait on my toes i am LMFAO Last time you took a bath: fin years ! The last movie you saw at the cinemas: clash of the titans Do you like scary or happy movies: both because i can enjoy myself in both but watch people shit themselves as well Black or white: blackkk Root Beer or Dr.Pepper: ewww none Vanilla or chocolate: both Silver or Gold: silver Diamond or pearl: diamond Sunset or Sunrise: sunset Sprite or 7up: sprite Cats or dogs: dogs Coffee or tea: tea Phone or in person: both :D Are you the oldest, middle, youngest or only child: youngest Indoor or outdoor: both ;)

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this is so unfair, what kind of life are you giving me ?

you cannot force someone to sleep or change someone's sleeping pattern especially overnight . you think im pushing you ? all i did last night was stay up til 3 and phone all night on MY mobile . most of the time im phoning on MY mobile and you wanna take my mobile away from me ? I DONT THINK SO YOU CUNT . you fucking pushed me ages ago when you trashed my room and bashed me . i never forgived you but i HAD to give you fucking respect because my mum asked me too . i never did and i never will forgive you for what you did .

i cbs with you, i cannot be fucking bothered to give you respect at all . full limiting me, i dont have word on my computer, i dont have access to a fkn printer n my house because there's two and both of them have passwords on the computer that's connected . you take the phone cord out around 9/10 ? err for one i need the phone to call people to check up/call them out for max 5 mins . what the fuck is your problem

like you said, you only have 2 years left i want you to do your best, I CANT DO MY FUCKING BEST WHEN YOU'RE FUCKING STRESSING ME OUT AND LIMITING ME WITH NET/PHONE

i hardly ever ask anything from you which includes money/luxuries, you have never given me money in my life not even 5 bucks i hope you realise that and i always have to rely on my mother which earns 350 a week, you selfish cunt.

how the fuck am i meant to check hw/assignment without net/phone when an emergency occurs.

how the fuck was i meant to complete my chem assignment (15% of my final mark/report) in 2 nights before 12 ?


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wasnt that bad cos i got to leave early at 12.10 ^^ went woolies caught a ride
from lawerance (thanks) and bought water and got chilli prawn crackers, that was fkn hot as !

im so gunna fail chemistry, i can feel it LOL

for retail im doing work experience at fkn trade secret which means i MIGHT get the jumper i saw

looks like im gunna have to :

- catch the 7.55 to cabra
- catch the 8.08 to ffld
- walk like 10 mins on the other side of ffld

fucccck and do the same when i got home which is FUCKING 5.30 :@

gunna tell people to visit me or else i might go insane LOL

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omfg this reminds me of my old bunny, it used to lick me all the time :$

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A - Z


- Available: yep
- Age: 15 turning 16 in a month ^^
- Annoyance: bimbos
- Animal: bunnies and dogs

- Birthday:
18 may
- Body part on opposite sex: lips & torso
- Best weather: cold/foggy
- Been on stage?: yeah in primary
- Believe in magic: not really
- Believe in God: no
- Believe in Santa: no LOL

- Candy:
fantales omg that shit is nice LOL
- Color: black, metallics & blue
- Chinese/Mexican: huh ? O_O chinese ?
- Cake or pie: i dont really like both but pie
- Cheese: camembert/brie

- Day or Night:
- Dance in the rain?: why not ? :)

- Eggs:
any i dont care
- Eyes: any colour :)
- Ever failed a class?: nope (A)

- First crush:
fkn daniel in yr 1 LMFAO
- First thoughts waking up: what time is it
- Food: is food, its what i need for survival

- Greatest fear:
hmm .. the grudge boy LOL
- Goals: save money, lose weight, be happy
- Gum: fkn love it LOL any flavour except orange
- Get along with your parents: at times
- Good luck charm: a pin with 2 baby feet on it

- Hair color:
dark dark brown/black
- Height: 155cm (H)
- Happy: always :)
- Holiday: malaysia/usa
- How do you want to die: not of old age, probably cancer

- Ice cream:
- Instrument: piano

- Jewellery:
rings :D
- Job: i dont have one

- Kids:
no way
- Kickboxing or karate: kickboxing LOL
- Keep a journal: i used to

- Love:
is beautiful and the closest thing we have to magic
- Laughed so hard you cried: of course LOL

- Milk flavor:
- Movie: i am legend/transformers
- Mooned anyone: hell no
- Marriage: of course
- Motion sickness: rarely

- Number of siblings:
an older bitch
- Number of piercings: 2
- Number: 17

- Overused Phrases:
oh my god & fuck
- One wish: to have lots of money + happiness for myself and everyone else

- Place you’d like to live
: america, maybe miami ?
- Perfect Pizza: supreme
- Pepsi/Coke: coke zero

- Questionnaires:
good for passing ttime

- Reason to cry:
boys, friends, family
- Reality T.V.: laguna beach ?
- Radio station: the edge
- Roll your tongue in a circle: easy peesy :)
- Ring Size: um medium

- Song:
atm ? Rain - Love Song ; of all time ? B2K - Everything
- Shoe size: 8
- Salad dressing: any i dnt care except for balsamic, yuck
- Sushi: fkn salmon + avocado ftw LOL
- Skipped school: yep
- Slept outside: nope
- Shower daily?: yep
- Sing well?: hell no LOL
- In the shower?: nope
- Strawberries/Blueberries: both :)

- Time for bed:
12 - 2
- Thunderstorms: love them
- TV: friends :D & american dad
- Touch your tongue to your nose: nope, i got a short tongue :(

- Unpredictable:
maybe ;D

- Vegetable you hate:

- Vacation spot: anywhere but here :)

- Weakness:
love & money
- Wanted to be a model: not really
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: we're all different
- Who makes you laugh the most: my girls :D
- Worst weather: fkn heat wave like 35 C +

- X-rays:

- Year it is now:
- Yellow: wtf LOL um condensed milk

- Zoo animal:
- Zodiac sign: dog

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