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this is so unfair, what kind of life are you giving me ?

you cannot force someone to sleep or change someone's sleeping pattern especially overnight . you think im pushing you ? all i did last night was stay up til 3 and phone all night on MY mobile . most of the time im phoning on MY mobile and you wanna take my mobile away from me ? I DONT THINK SO YOU CUNT . you fucking pushed me ages ago when you trashed my room and bashed me . i never forgived you but i HAD to give you fucking respect because my mum asked me too . i never did and i never will forgive you for what you did .

i cbs with you, i cannot be fucking bothered to give you respect at all . full limiting me, i dont have word on my computer, i dont have access to a fkn printer n my house because there's two and both of them have passwords on the computer that's connected . you take the phone cord out around 9/10 ? err for one i need the phone to call people to check up/call them out for max 5 mins . what the fuck is your problem

like you said, you only have 2 years left i want you to do your best, I CANT DO MY FUCKING BEST WHEN YOU'RE FUCKING STRESSING ME OUT AND LIMITING ME WITH NET/PHONE

i hardly ever ask anything from you which includes money/luxuries, you have never given me money in my life not even 5 bucks i hope you realise that and i always have to rely on my mother which earns 350 a week, you selfish cunt.

how the fuck am i meant to check hw/assignment without net/phone when an emergency occurs.

how the fuck was i meant to complete my chem assignment (15% of my final mark/report) in 2 nights before 12 ?


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