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Sydney, Australia

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im so broke its not fkn funny
i probably spent more than 100 bucks in the hols >_>
and i want so much shit right now
for one, i still needa get my motherfkn monitor >_>

but i want a phone, the problem is most phones nowadays are touchscreen and if i want a touchscreen i might as well get the iphone cos thats the best touchscreen but i cnt fkn afford that LOL :@

and i still needa get my adidas jacket, i cant find the black and gold firebird jacket anywhere :@ and i wanna see any other colours but i dont know where to go/get it and i still needa complete my goal but i cee bee ess for it cos i want another g-star shirt T_T

and since i only have 100 left from my mum, i'll use that to buy my girl's pressies instead and that leaves .. the money i get from my mum everyweek and i dont think i will be going out in like a month or so LOL fkn gotta study and save up money

that reminds me, i really need to do my bio notes + hw soon

& omfg i need to plan my birthday since its in a months time

talk about stress bout school, friends, money T___T

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