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Seven | No Other One

felicia and vanessa annoyed the heck out of me when i was playing tap tap with stephanie and i felt sooo tired afterwards even though i felt like raging LOL i was soo excited bcos i thought today was the 1/9/09 so i could start downloading songs again omg mychonny - my sister craps me up so hard especially when his "sister" makes the "8o|" face. 2 more weeks till our trials oh no :O and i got the shittiest mark for food tech - 52%. i feel like cutting my hair into a bob but then i know when it grows out it wont look nice and i really want to grow my hair out cos the layers near my ear go past my jaw and it flares out T___T i just found out that if u wear plates and u takr them off and ur teeth move just a tiny bit, u'd have to wear braces again D:

i am sooo full from chips + egg sandwiches. i have 40 bucks right now and i heard the moon festival is next month and i need to save up bcos i need money for sundays + formal and im still waiting on that job =\ i hate this freaking recession shit! omg mehmet is hilariousssssssss LOL and i feel so bad for what happened T__T someone is gunna get a free breadroll this sunday ^^"

You should know I dont need
no other one, All i need is you

- Taio Cruz


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Six | Miss Mad At The World

today i went to tutor and after tutor was just bumming around cabra, we hung with felicia, jamie, mikool, kim, denis, mimet, minh and vincent ! i had some red lea and gloria jeans. kim and the others went to rise cafe to eat wedges i had one, and i burnt my tongue :( i played ddr too today LOL damn that was fkn fail ! then after the embarrassment, we went to play daytona, that was also very shit :L i dont like catching the bus when it's all hot! on the bus me and felicia took photos and she was telling me about how cute someone was LOL when i went home at 3.40 i watched mcglyver or some shit then finally cleaned my room so neat now 8) and felicia told me how cute that somebody was again LOL and im uploading photos right now

hmmm my teeth hurt from going to the dentist yesterday farr even my dentist is addicted to farmville, full playing it when fixing my braces :L hmm hopefully i will get a job soon because i need money for formal and since im TRYING to make my own formal dress, i need to do that before school certificate or else im gunna be stressing and then i`d have to buy a new fricking formal dress. there is like nothing to eat at my house i feel like noodles or a slad or stir fry haha. anyways todays was a good luvo day :)

like i said, i dont have net to actually download the song and listen to it but apparently this song is also pretty good. i`ll try and get some fast r&b or some hiphop instead of sad emo songs. enjoy !

Bryan Ellis - Miss Mad At The World


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Five | I Want To Know What Love Is

im going to post the lyrics to this song up later but in the mean time i heard this is a very good song ? anyways i dont have time to post a blog todays cos of my assignment and tmrw im gunna be assignmenting and tutor and after tutor blah blah. i ran into denis and richard today at cabra hmms i was there till 4 and then when to a temple to see the Jade Buddha. it wasnt as good as i expected but gosh, 5 million bucks spent on a buddha statue :O

Mariah Carey - I want to know what love is


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Four | Wrong Man For The Job

i have to do my english assignment gunna take ages to do and then on saturday im gunna have to visit my grandma and go to temple and see this massive buddha statue and i heard its not even pretty T_T anyways today was sooo funny at lunch and in english and i had a commerce and a maths test todays. it took me forever to load restuarant city and i think im going blind or something i needa to the eye doctor and get my eyes checked LOL i think i still have that flashy virus on my computer. farrr i hate people who make viruses i dont even know how i got "flashy". I finally handed my assignment which was due 3 weeks ago ><

omg i had a peak of my sister's valentine card omg it was soooo sweet i wanted to cry LOL she broke up with her boyfriend and now i have to comfort her 24/7. but seriously, must be the time of the month again full pms-ing as well to me yesterday <_<

I'm starting to say you're the wrong man for the job, sometimes i wish i could take back everything it would be easier to be never have known you i would spare myself so much pain

- JoJo


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Three | Unglued

just so grateful for the best things in life. just so happy. just so lonely. i dont understand why but i just know i love my friends much more than my family, yes it is wrong but my friends have been there, understood me & my situations. the best people are located at misc. and i also dont understand why i always smile when i see happy couples e.g. vanessa and lawerance and yes it's spelt lawrence but i like it like lawerance LOL . i am deciding whether i should do those facebook notes and post them on my site.

sick and tired of school and i just wish there were more icecream in this world haha <3 so many depressing songs these days just makes me think so deep and i feel so emo T_T. some pedo or idiot called 'bob' is saying shit on me and my friend's blogs farr. i needa find some beautiful album covers like trey songs - ready for thumbnails on the sides instead of these weird model photos. i never knew janine was soo racist and really bossy at work damn :S. villa maccas rejected me goddamnit :@ im applying for bankstown if that doesnt work then bass hill, if that doesnt work then livo 8) LOL. wish me luck !

Pieces everywhere, i'm barely there, wish i could find my way back to you, baby I'm coming unglued without you, it feels like im out of air, im reaching out

- One Call (zippyshare)


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Two | I Choose You

i wish i was older and i bet a lot of teens wish they were older. u could drink when u feel sober, party like no tomorrow, when u get that sweet paycheck u go shopping, find a true love and lead a steady life. some people wish they were still younger, being a kid doing fun things without worrying about anything when u only like a boy to take their stuff or punch them in the face when they try to kiss u. oh my those days.

double maths today was a frikkin' killer. my maths teacher fkn loves snoopy i dont understand why she goes like she married to him and he was his first love. psh well guess what ? snoopy doesnt love u. english was soo fun today i was being super mean and throwing stuff at megan 8) im stuck with this english assignment about change omg it is soo hard and then sc trails coming up and then i have to find a job then save up money for formal. *sigh well im happy about what i chose for the next to shitty years !

lets hope for the best yeah ? english standard, yay no maths, ancient history, biology, retail, business services and hopefully geography !

When you feel like dancing, you dont have to dance alone cos you should already know I choose you, i choose you, oh baby i do

- Baby face (Demo for Mario)

here's an extra song for today only a nippet though :) Christopher - Love


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One | Over Again

yay first blog. today was great i figured out why some people thought of their death. Slow jams and R&B playing in my head. things are looking great for the future and i have everything else planned. still not talking to my dad today. hmmm comforting my sister cos she broke up with her boyfriend makes me think why people break up after years and years. watsed their time for pain. i think it is important that you should have a partner who has a lot in common with u or has the same humour as u or who u can talk to a lot because one day u're gunna run out of things to say or talk about.

i dont like people who have boyfriends for the title thats just stupid and desparate. i dont like people who go into relationships to "prove" something. thats not real love. it's true about what they say about teen love. it always fail but it is fun and you learn about love from it. we all have a teen love and we know its gunna fail but we try everything we can to keep the spark burning.

Oh well, feelings are feelings.

I never believed things happened for a reason but how this turned out removed all my doubt so believe that for you I'd do it all over again

- Esmee Denters


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