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One | Over Again

yay first blog. today was great i figured out why some people thought of their death. Slow jams and R&B playing in my head. things are looking great for the future and i have everything else planned. still not talking to my dad today. hmmm comforting my sister cos she broke up with her boyfriend makes me think why people break up after years and years. watsed their time for pain. i think it is important that you should have a partner who has a lot in common with u or has the same humour as u or who u can talk to a lot because one day u're gunna run out of things to say or talk about.

i dont like people who have boyfriends for the title thats just stupid and desparate. i dont like people who go into relationships to "prove" something. thats not real love. it's true about what they say about teen love. it always fail but it is fun and you learn about love from it. we all have a teen love and we know its gunna fail but we try everything we can to keep the spark burning.

Oh well, feelings are feelings.

I never believed things happened for a reason but how this turned out removed all my doubt so believe that for you I'd do it all over again

- Esmee Denters


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