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wth did i just blow 84 bucks on .. fml


.. So I'm unemployed and yet I'm still going around shopping and yesterday those bastards at Chanel lured me in and because I was going to buy a foundation anyway later on when I actually have a job to pay for it .. I got it .. and the sales assistant wasn't even that helpful in my opinion.

It was a toss up between Vitalumiere and Vitalumiere Aqua. One sales assistant said I was a 50 (Naturel/Sienne) and the other said I was a 40 especially for winter (Beige) and I looked like a friggin ghost when he applied it to me. I didn't even like the application cos he used a sponge but I loved the way it glided onto my skin. And the products he used to take the make up off was so amazing. I'm a recent Chanel convert and I hate spending heaps of money on drugstore make up when I can just invest in something as awesome as this!

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1. Closeted
2. Singing LOL
3. If I could run across the beach and jump into my own arms, I would.
4. I've never really had a date before I can't say
5. Kind of low, I see other girls who are friggin hot but I feel like a turd compared to them.
6. Vanessa 
8. Ugly eyebrows, dickheads, people who are cocky but not in a funny way, boys singing love songs, guys trying to be sexy, fatties.
9. She's understanding, we're very different but very alike in some aspects. She's there for me when I need her and vise versa. 
10. Dogs!
11. The old Paul lol
12. I wasn't into him and he was a little bummy/trashy
13. Painfully dragged myself across 20 stores, non of which I liked with my friend at Parramatta
14. Don't have one yet but to date, standing up to my boss.
15. He's the biggest douchebag who thinks a tatt, a bike and clubbing is the 'life'
16. Hilltop Hoods Ft. Sia - I Love It
17. It was a dare, it was just a peck
18. A small waist, it feels sexy to hug someone close and slowly grip her waist towards me.
19. Daisy the rabbit LOL
20. Chocolate
21. At work
22. A lot of people have said a lot of mean things
23. Regents Park
24. ... you're a hot chick who's just as awesome, if not even more awesome than I am.
25. To live my life with the job I want to support my family and myself.
26. Hmm ..
27. Finishing off my assessment and going to TAFE
28. Free and rich!
29. Not sure
30. Not being skinny enough, not being pretty enough
31. Sell the house, buy a new one with high quality furniture, send my parents off on a holiday, buy my sister and her bf a house/apartment and pay for their wedding. Then the left over money - I'll go on a shopping spree and then save the rest.
32. Wtf LOL N/A
33. I'm awesome
34. How dumb and illiterate people are.
35. N/A
36.  -----
38. Good dinner, good alky, good entertainment followed by a good make out session
39. Cooking ?
40. It's a toss up between getting beat up in first grade for standing up for my bestfriend or when my parents separated or when I experienced high turbulence on the airplane .
41. Right in the heart of the city or in New Zealand.
42. I think you're very understanding and you're such a good person
43. Ofc I'm at home!
44. Silence
45. Very good she buys me things :)
46. ------------
47. Not finding a job for a very long time
48. Finding a job
49. Very good my mum cooks me stuff and my dad is a gronk LOL
50. Awesome ?
51. You're not worth my time atm and btw thanks for never getting me my birthday/xmas present
53. I have a lot of hair :(
54. A hot chick LOL end of story.
55. "disappointing"
56. The bitches.

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what a day to get fired

honestly, maybe I should've gone about it in a different way but I did nothing wrong that was considered "offensive".

My boss said exactly this: "It felt like an attack" ... Are you fucking kidding me? I did not write anything obscure or fictitious on that note. I simply wrote the award the business was running under, the minimum wage for 17 yr olds and 18 yr olds and the penalty rate for Sundays and at the end I wrote "suggested by Fair Work Ombudsman"

I am a darn good fucking worker, I do everything I'm supposed to do and this was no reason to fire me. He tried covering the 'termination of my service' as simply 'not calling you in anymore because casuals can be terminated without any notice and for any reason.'. Bitch shut the fuck up, I have rights and that was an unfair dismissal you son of a bitch.

I was upset and disappointed because I thought my first job would've been great and fair but this was neither. But after a good 1 and a half hour of crying I got really angry and I can't for revenge.

Next plan: print out a million resumes and go job hunting before TAFE on Tuesday. After I officially land the job, that's when I'm going to file a complaint. Because I'm not going to file a complaint and then expect an awesome reference from my boss.

And another thing, he does not issue pay slips on a regular basis for any one. He only does it for those who ask him everytime. I didn't wanna take this crap anymore and his excuses are crap.

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