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2NE5 | La La La

Holidays Baby ;D

Thanks Vanessa for handing in my sports selection sheet !

& God im lazy for blogging / posting a song of the day

so err yeah :D

hmm i was like full kinky to vanessa and felicia on tuesday HAHA hilarious shit ;) later that night i phoned with felicia & vincent for 113 mins .. fuck LOL wellls i finally got to download songs . tomorrow i will be uncapped and hopefully there will be awesome good songs to post as the song of the day. fuck man i started raging cos my sister took one of my soymilk poppers :@ cos i told her BEFORE she even knew there was any, "DONT FUCKING TAKE IT" yet, the next morning when im ASLEEP she takes, fucking sneeky, hypotrical bitch. when i took her nail polish, she starts hitting me with it, the fuck, its just nail polish calm down, THIS IS SOYMILK, FOOD BRO. i dont have any drinks or good food at home and im relying on those poppers asshole :@


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2NE4 | Bedrock

Moonfest !

It was a goood day but i've had better days. well i went tutor for like 15 mins with davurt & linda. when we got out at 10 something davurt met up with richard to go to mehmet's house and linda didnt want to go but she wanted to find some people at cabra and i couldnt be bothered so i went off with davurt and as soon as we went to mehmet's place like 10 guys popped outta no where. shoulda went with linda aye ? LOL

when we got to the other side of cabra .. omg i`ve never seen so many people at cabra in my life. we hung in front of happycup for a while, the boys went to the park and on the way anthony and i think mykuul joined and i went to walk around for a bit and went to felicia's place. we chilled, talked, played around and i put some makeup on and playing DS while she showered for like 20 mins i think ? when we were ready we wentt to the station and some black lady made felicia trip over and killed her shooes.

@ the station, felicia kind of raged LOL and we took luvos to pass the time. amazingly vanessa was on the same train as us but we couldnt go to her so we met when we got off the train.
@moonfest we walked around and hung, people got creamed and later on we went woolies to get some glowing bracelets & necklaces hehe ! vincent has some weird direction issues, telling him to meet up with me all he says is "what ? where ? huh ? what did u say ?" omg T__T

well anyway later on, when we were walking along john street, minh annoyed the fuck outta me, teasing me and pushing me around ... i'll kill that bastard one day when im strong enough (H) he taught me how to push a guy on the shoulder 8) i forgot it though something about "locking your palm in first" & "step back" haha. i got like 8 bucks off vincent (A) WOOT LMFAO 8) far when we were in front of cabra station i wanted to get food i waited for 5 mins for a pork skewer then the man was like "did u want a beef skewer?" noo ... wtf ! "oh we have no more pork skewers" WTF DID U SAY :@ pissed me off. i finally got a freaking chicken kebab skewer. There was an icecream van in front of cabra station and it looked dodgy so i waited for people to get some icecream first LMAO :) i finally got a choc dip icecream mmm ! even though it was like freezing cold and felicia & vanessa & i with mih & mehmet with their big heads in front us, watched the fireworks and when i turned around just to say something i missed the biggest, best motherfucking firework .. T__T felicia and vanessa were like "omg ... it was soo big woahhh so purple and shit :D" and im like fuck u all :( LOL there were a few fights going on including somecat fight and later i saw tri and michelle's bro. vanessa had to leave sraight after fireworks and me & felicia went home @ like 9 when a lot of people started leaving and everyone started to pack up and leave as well.

WELL anyway :D
enough of moonfest, today was like any otherday except my phone got confiscated by miss benton . she was like 10 metres away and she saw my phone . god some pregnant voodoo shit going on. well im not pissed about it but i dont have an alarm but im bothered that my phone is turned off and no one can contact me via text/mobile. my mum was lazy to pick it up today T_T so im going tomorrow ! i think tomorrow is my last day for the term .. hmm im getting a bit worried and confused about the beach/pool outing in the holidays and im trying to think of other outings to make and to try to save up for formal too =S

i got my mark back for my science school certificate trials = 68%

My room is the G-spot baby, call me Mr. Flinstone,
I can make your bedrock

- Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj,
Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Lloyd

( world record longest post of my life LOL )


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2NE3 | Blank

no need for words .......


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2NE2 | I Wonder

WOOO dust storm :D even though thats like shit for my lungs LOL i dont get to go to school ^^ WOOT WOOT im currently on the phone with vanessa and felicia and we`ve been phoning for almost an hour haha. i wonder what there is to eat .. vanessa & danny traded ingredients with me on facebook for restaurant city hehe made my day LOL

yesterday was alright, vanessa & felicia & i bludged all sport and all day was just either bludge or work .. omggg

in history, i was listening to musix and this sub teacher kept telling me off about my ear phones .. HAHAHA. she told be off the first time and 2 seconds later i popped my earphones back in then she told me off again ... and then the third time, i was leaning back on my chair, full relaxing and then the teacher started .. screaming at me and like bending over at me and i didnt realise it cos i didnt hear her cos of my musix and then i looked at her and and stopped screaming LOL but i was still listening after that ^^ bitch cant stop me from listening :)

I wonder if you ever felt this way and I'm wondering if I'll find the words to say

- Young Nate


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2NE1 | Not Just You

yesterday was umm relaxing and doing whatever floats ur boat LOL i did whatever felicia or mehmet wanted and vanessa also didnt mind either haha.
well i got out tutor early and i went to train station to check the times and ran into mehmet and sat with him for a while and then went to "villawood" but magically i end up in FAIRFIELD :@ and then i went back to cabra and sat with mehemt again LOL and then went villa and talked to vanessa for god knows how long and then we met felicia on the train and then we went to cabra to "hang". it was a good day and then when i went home me and felicia caught the wrong train like motherfucker took the wrong train 2 times in a day and then luckily my mum called and we went home at like 6.10 ? i went woolies for a bit and watched tv the whole night ! rove was sooo hilarious LOL

&today was a normal day. farrout in food tech and i was cooking with vanessa and tony, we made marshmellow slices, motherfucking sweet as. i chugged like half of it down like FUCK MAN so sweet ! and then tony messed up the rest of it and it looked gross so he chucked it in the bin for me T___T @lunch today, lawerance came over as usual and then michelle and a few others came over and suddenly, somehow, there were TWO spiders on felicia. everyone screamed and backed away and god knows why kept saying "sorry" .. like what the ? what are u saying sorry for ? O_O after that felicia got a bit moody but im sure colouring in stars in science cheered her up. i asked my mum whats there to eat at home ? my mum : nothing ...... fuck ? nothing ? FARRRRRRRRR :@

instant noodles again, du ma T_T

You need to realise, baby it's not just you, you know it hurts me too, watching you leave

- Nasri


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Twenty | Everybody Fall In Love

does anybody just feel like they had a or close friends and then we meet other people and then we forget about them ?

but when you remember and you talk to them, they've changed ? they talk about different things, they talk to other different people ?

yeah ... even if they were a bad or good friend just wondering where and when did it start to drift away. can we prevent it ? can we repair it ?

what am i supposed to do about my date for my formal ? it was supposed to be for that someone but things changed and learnt that sometimes teen love sucks PENIS.

I'll wait forever and a day for you, i'll wait up for you, i cant eat, i cant sleep what else can it be ? I'm missing you so deep, everybody in love go put your hands up



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Nineteen | More Than A Friend

YEAH BABY ! school certificate trials are over (H) WOOHOO time to celebrate hehe ^^ i am soo fucked up for history :( geo was alright ... and so was english and science and maths was like T__T wanted to rip the paper LOL

so happy i finished but i know im not gunna do good but oh wells. wtf my dad made a bird next outside on the air con ... must've been real bored or some shit LOL. i finally found the pictures on my phone and my computer & phone is finally virus free :D wooooot ! and im so happy i can listen to new music on my ipod :D hmm i think im going dentist tmrw and then on sunday just hanging at cabra and hopefully vanessa is coming. AND HOPEFULLY it wont be as hot, motherfucking sun :@ and lets pray i will have enough money after moonfest ! who's going moonfest baby ? ;) i know it aint THAT much fun but FIREWORKS BABY HAHA :D

I promise you'll see how good it will be if you were more than a friend lets give love a try the feeling is right

- Stevie Hoang


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Seventeen | Tonight

happy birthday to tanya on sunday ^^ yesterday i got lazy and i was pissed off at my mum so i made up some bullshit - oh yeahh .. the school let yr 10 stay home to study for school certificate trials .... LOL i went out to cheso to get some fucking lipbalm cos i've been using MOISTURIZER on my lips for 3 fucking days ! i went to get some ramen + katsu chicken mmm & then i went library to study for a while (A) i got bored and went up to cheso square looking for people and i ran into felicia and went back to her house . on the way to her house i saw steven suh at the train station and i chucked him a big dirty 8) when we got to her house we took some luvos and played around with the light saber ! she made watch bold and the beautiful LOL i was paying more attention then her, she was staring at herself on her comp screen ! ;)

today was relaxing, my sports shirt was in the wash whoops and i have no fucking food :( we had some fkn fire drill T___T and i teased vanessa today ^^ and poked the shit out of felicia LOL

im gunna give you the world and all that you deserve, it's all about us tonight, nothing's gunna stop us tonight, i love that i love you

- Faydee


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Sexteen | Baby By Me

i hate global warming LOL damnit it, it was soo hot today T__T and i was like thirsty for like 2 hours. i cant believe felicia, kim, mehemt, minh, jamie and me walked all the way to blue heaven farrrrrrr so hot and it was closed like iasdhoiasjdasiojdoai T___T. mehmet got moody then felicia got moody then we catched the bus back to cabra then we were all happy and then when we went to the park, all of us were moody except for minh and me and mikool was just frikking bored HAHA. we stayed till 7 and we ate and finally we got some fcking water i was dying man. i walked home cos my bitchass mum told me too <_<
you may not like the song cos its hip hop but oh well its catchy to me

(yes old song)

im loving everything i see, we've been perfectly, cos u make me feel like a kid in a candy store

- Nathan

have a baby by me, be a millionaire

- 50 Cent Ft. Neyo


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Fifteen | Blank

i fucking hate my family the end. my hair isnt something u can pull around and rip out of my head motherfuckers.

looking forward to sunday get to see everybody to cheer me up

no song of the day, sorry =\


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Fourteen | Get Sexy

i am soo obsessed with this song .. LOL anyways today was soo fun cos in geo vanessa, felicia and i were so high or some shit man O_O trying to electric shock each other haha ~! at sport felicia started taking photos and recording me and vanessa like so random and she is so bored and when felicia and vanessa were gettng the ping pong ball under the stove or fireplace, i spanked felicia LOL and when vanessa got under the table i spanked her too 8)

i saw kim and i squatted down and i stared at her for like 30 secs LOL we didnt even say anything but yeah i got a hot dog and went over to the seats so kim wouldnt feel hungry with me eating in front of her. i told peter to annoy vanessa LOL i was just relaxing and eating (H) commerce was alright not as bad as i thought it would be like it always it T__T

basically today was a geniune LOL day

Cos I'm too sexy in this club, so sexy in this club, so sexy it hurts, if you feel sexy in this club then go ahead toast it off, shake it down, get sexy right now

- Sugababes


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Thirteen | Think I Love

sunday was fun & relaxing spending the day with felicia, kim, jamie, davurt, richard, mikool & mehmet at mehmet's place. tutor was fun too although i didnt talk to linda as much as i wanted to but oh wells LOL OUUUFT CUZ SHE'S A SEXY BITCH . cindy's ringtone LOL


everything gets better in time. i promise you.

i didnt even try to make it work im sorry cos it feels so bad and my heart's so sad that im here without you i think i love my girlfriend no one could ever take her place, i wanna see her face in my arms again

- Mishon


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Twelve | Single Girl

so todays i went to vincent's house and we started to drink and watch family guy and then chuck & larry then we ordered some pizza and then LOL we went out the the back to light up a sparklerbomb i think ? i shit myself LMAOO it was soo loud sounded like someone shot someone. after that i went to cabra station for an hour walking around looking for people unfortunately i saw no one except anthony, peter, steve & billy and i talked to anthony for a bit at cheso and then i waited for fkn agess for my sister to pick me up and then i went maccas and i went home HAHA my grandma is here to stay for the night :L soo hmm tutor tmrw and i forgot to go dentist cos i was lazzzzzy T__T

anyways i cbb typing down the lyrics ><

Evident - Single Girl


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Eleven | After Glow

so anyways yay weekends ! on sunday HOPEFULLY i will be able to stay at cabra til i usually go cos my grandma is coming over to stay and sleep for one night. natalie told me a way to add songs to my ipod without deleting the songs cos all my songs are deleted T__T hopefully it will work. nothing exciting today except in history i was soo tired and felicia was writing stuff on my arm and hands and i was eating a banana too LOL happy 3 months vanessa and lawerance for tmrw shame u guys cant spend the day :( & yes i know the song below wasnt rated that good on a few sites but to me its good :L

Because, you got me glowing, oh yeah, love's got me glowing, oh yeah and i just can't hide it, and this is what you're giving me, an after glow everytime you hold me

- Swan Ft. Jackie Boyz


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Ten | Shut Up Boy

oh so hard to find goood songs nowadays. today was alright in english we started watching pride and prejudice and i was doing a note of vanessa's phone ^^ felicia did a note on my phone too thanks baby ^^. i still havent asked to go to vincent's house LOL ooo shit and i swore today in front of my mum and she went nuts so i dont know T__T i got 35/40 for my commerce test ? ms wong gave me a chocolate bar in maths cos i was doing my work (A) in geo this asian chick was so pushy :@ omg i can tie a snake with my tongue :$ i was playing tap tap on tony's and steph's ipod and i swear that idiot test is a piss off! i raged quit :L i hope it rains on sat/sun hehe

Shut up boy so you can hear me, tell me what you're saying girl, i wanted to explain to you why i can't stay another minute but i cant get a word in

- Rich Girl Ft. Ne-Yo


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Nine | Temporary Boyfriend

far im waiting on the full version of the snippet on my post today, its such a good song! my day was alright :) i was very sleepy & incredibly high at science O_O i dont know wtf i was laughing at. i took photos of myself with my tongue sticking out and i was squinting and put them as melinda's, vanessa's & megan's wallpaper on their phone 8) LMAO and omg christine ma said to me in english that ms. casey (my principal) wont let the students wear mufti to the disco (WTF UNFAIR MUCH) as she thinks students will do whatever they want if they're not in school uniform ... oh jeez i hate her :@ and people who arent going arent allowed to wear mufti even if they pay a gold dollar donation T__T

my computer is lagging like a bitch T___T but i dont know nothing much to say today LOL hmmm im getting excited for the weekends LOL

if anyone wants any download links for G-Dragon's new album say so in the shoutbox :) i'll post them up if anyone wants it.

Girl, oooh, i'll be your temporary boyfriend, oh baby you can be my ___ lover

- Frankie J (snippet)


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Eight | Boyfriend Material

let's just work it don't give a damn what they say. wasnt the happiest days i wanted to be but i was thinking very deeply. im finally downloading songs yay and i apologize to vanessa and felicia for the shit song i posted last time LOL not my fault i didnt listen to it, blame urbanascor's rating T__T and i promise i`ll slowly start changing stuff for my friends and obey my mum more :) dark chocolate and some tea will cheer me up im so sleepy ><

Just because it is, doesn't mean it has to be. change. change. change.

You're not, you're not boyfriend material, no you're not, you're the rain that washes me away it's the hurt and the pain when i'm down

- Jackie Boyz (Katy Perry Demo)

+ A Remix of my favourite song - Mark Majia - Somebody's Baby Remix Ft. Eranetik


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