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2NE2 | I Wonder

WOOO dust storm :D even though thats like shit for my lungs LOL i dont get to go to school ^^ WOOT WOOT im currently on the phone with vanessa and felicia and we`ve been phoning for almost an hour haha. i wonder what there is to eat .. vanessa & danny traded ingredients with me on facebook for restaurant city hehe made my day LOL

yesterday was alright, vanessa & felicia & i bludged all sport and all day was just either bludge or work .. omggg

in history, i was listening to musix and this sub teacher kept telling me off about my ear phones .. HAHAHA. she told be off the first time and 2 seconds later i popped my earphones back in then she told me off again ... and then the third time, i was leaning back on my chair, full relaxing and then the teacher started .. screaming at me and like bending over at me and i didnt realise it cos i didnt hear her cos of my musix and then i looked at her and and stopped screaming LOL but i was still listening after that ^^ bitch cant stop me from listening :)

I wonder if you ever felt this way and I'm wondering if I'll find the words to say

- Young Nate


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