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Eleven | After Glow

so anyways yay weekends ! on sunday HOPEFULLY i will be able to stay at cabra til i usually go cos my grandma is coming over to stay and sleep for one night. natalie told me a way to add songs to my ipod without deleting the songs cos all my songs are deleted T__T hopefully it will work. nothing exciting today except in history i was soo tired and felicia was writing stuff on my arm and hands and i was eating a banana too LOL happy 3 months vanessa and lawerance for tmrw shame u guys cant spend the day :( & yes i know the song below wasnt rated that good on a few sites but to me its good :L

Because, you got me glowing, oh yeah, love's got me glowing, oh yeah and i just can't hide it, and this is what you're giving me, an after glow everytime you hold me

- Swan Ft. Jackie Boyz


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