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Nine | Temporary Boyfriend

far im waiting on the full version of the snippet on my post today, its such a good song! my day was alright :) i was very sleepy & incredibly high at science O_O i dont know wtf i was laughing at. i took photos of myself with my tongue sticking out and i was squinting and put them as melinda's, vanessa's & megan's wallpaper on their phone 8) LMAO and omg christine ma said to me in english that ms. casey (my principal) wont let the students wear mufti to the disco (WTF UNFAIR MUCH) as she thinks students will do whatever they want if they're not in school uniform ... oh jeez i hate her :@ and people who arent going arent allowed to wear mufti even if they pay a gold dollar donation T__T

my computer is lagging like a bitch T___T but i dont know nothing much to say today LOL hmmm im getting excited for the weekends LOL

if anyone wants any download links for G-Dragon's new album say so in the shoutbox :) i'll post them up if anyone wants it.

Girl, oooh, i'll be your temporary boyfriend, oh baby you can be my ___ lover

- Frankie J (snippet)


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