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Eight | Boyfriend Material

let's just work it don't give a damn what they say. wasnt the happiest days i wanted to be but i was thinking very deeply. im finally downloading songs yay and i apologize to vanessa and felicia for the shit song i posted last time LOL not my fault i didnt listen to it, blame urbanascor's rating T__T and i promise i`ll slowly start changing stuff for my friends and obey my mum more :) dark chocolate and some tea will cheer me up im so sleepy ><

Just because it is, doesn't mean it has to be. change. change. change.

You're not, you're not boyfriend material, no you're not, you're the rain that washes me away it's the hurt and the pain when i'm down

- Jackie Boyz (Katy Perry Demo)

+ A Remix of my favourite song - Mark Majia - Somebody's Baby Remix Ft. Eranetik


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