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Three | Unglued

just so grateful for the best things in life. just so happy. just so lonely. i dont understand why but i just know i love my friends much more than my family, yes it is wrong but my friends have been there, understood me & my situations. the best people are located at misc. and i also dont understand why i always smile when i see happy couples e.g. vanessa and lawerance and yes it's spelt lawrence but i like it like lawerance LOL . i am deciding whether i should do those facebook notes and post them on my site.

sick and tired of school and i just wish there were more icecream in this world haha <3 so many depressing songs these days just makes me think so deep and i feel so emo T_T. some pedo or idiot called 'bob' is saying shit on me and my friend's blogs farr. i needa find some beautiful album covers like trey songs - ready for thumbnails on the sides instead of these weird model photos. i never knew janine was soo racist and really bossy at work damn :S. villa maccas rejected me goddamnit :@ im applying for bankstown if that doesnt work then bass hill, if that doesnt work then livo 8) LOL. wish me luck !

Pieces everywhere, i'm barely there, wish i could find my way back to you, baby I'm coming unglued without you, it feels like im out of air, im reaching out

- One Call (zippyshare)


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