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Four | Wrong Man For The Job

i have to do my english assignment gunna take ages to do and then on saturday im gunna have to visit my grandma and go to temple and see this massive buddha statue and i heard its not even pretty T_T anyways today was sooo funny at lunch and in english and i had a commerce and a maths test todays. it took me forever to load restuarant city and i think im going blind or something i needa to the eye doctor and get my eyes checked LOL i think i still have that flashy virus on my computer. farrr i hate people who make viruses i dont even know how i got "flashy". I finally handed my assignment which was due 3 weeks ago ><

omg i had a peak of my sister's valentine card omg it was soooo sweet i wanted to cry LOL she broke up with her boyfriend and now i have to comfort her 24/7. but seriously, must be the time of the month again full pms-ing as well to me yesterday <_<

I'm starting to say you're the wrong man for the job, sometimes i wish i could take back everything it would be easier to be never have known you i would spare myself so much pain

- JoJo


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