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Six | Miss Mad At The World

today i went to tutor and after tutor was just bumming around cabra, we hung with felicia, jamie, mikool, kim, denis, mimet, minh and vincent ! i had some red lea and gloria jeans. kim and the others went to rise cafe to eat wedges i had one, and i burnt my tongue :( i played ddr too today LOL damn that was fkn fail ! then after the embarrassment, we went to play daytona, that was also very shit :L i dont like catching the bus when it's all hot! on the bus me and felicia took photos and she was telling me about how cute someone was LOL when i went home at 3.40 i watched mcglyver or some shit then finally cleaned my room so neat now 8) and felicia told me how cute that somebody was again LOL and im uploading photos right now

hmmm my teeth hurt from going to the dentist yesterday farr even my dentist is addicted to farmville, full playing it when fixing my braces :L hmm hopefully i will get a job soon because i need money for formal and since im TRYING to make my own formal dress, i need to do that before school certificate or else im gunna be stressing and then i`d have to buy a new fricking formal dress. there is like nothing to eat at my house i feel like noodles or a slad or stir fry haha. anyways todays was a good luvo day :)

like i said, i dont have net to actually download the song and listen to it but apparently this song is also pretty good. i`ll try and get some fast r&b or some hiphop instead of sad emo songs. enjoy !

Bryan Ellis - Miss Mad At The World


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