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Ten | Shut Up Boy

oh so hard to find goood songs nowadays. today was alright in english we started watching pride and prejudice and i was doing a note of vanessa's phone ^^ felicia did a note on my phone too thanks baby ^^. i still havent asked to go to vincent's house LOL ooo shit and i swore today in front of my mum and she went nuts so i dont know T__T i got 35/40 for my commerce test ? ms wong gave me a chocolate bar in maths cos i was doing my work (A) in geo this asian chick was so pushy :@ omg i can tie a snake with my tongue :$ i was playing tap tap on tony's and steph's ipod and i swear that idiot test is a piss off! i raged quit :L i hope it rains on sat/sun hehe

Shut up boy so you can hear me, tell me what you're saying girl, i wanted to explain to you why i can't stay another minute but i cant get a word in

- Rich Girl Ft. Ne-Yo


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