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Nineteen | More Than A Friend

YEAH BABY ! school certificate trials are over (H) WOOHOO time to celebrate hehe ^^ i am soo fucked up for history :( geo was alright ... and so was english and science and maths was like T__T wanted to rip the paper LOL

so happy i finished but i know im not gunna do good but oh wells. wtf my dad made a bird next outside on the air con ... must've been real bored or some shit LOL. i finally found the pictures on my phone and my computer & phone is finally virus free :D wooooot ! and im so happy i can listen to new music on my ipod :D hmm i think im going dentist tmrw and then on sunday just hanging at cabra and hopefully vanessa is coming. AND HOPEFULLY it wont be as hot, motherfucking sun :@ and lets pray i will have enough money after moonfest ! who's going moonfest baby ? ;) i know it aint THAT much fun but FIREWORKS BABY HAHA :D

I promise you'll see how good it will be if you were more than a friend lets give love a try the feeling is right

- Stevie Hoang


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