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Fourteen | Get Sexy

i am soo obsessed with this song .. LOL anyways today was soo fun cos in geo vanessa, felicia and i were so high or some shit man O_O trying to electric shock each other haha ~! at sport felicia started taking photos and recording me and vanessa like so random and she is so bored and when felicia and vanessa were gettng the ping pong ball under the stove or fireplace, i spanked felicia LOL and when vanessa got under the table i spanked her too 8)

i saw kim and i squatted down and i stared at her for like 30 secs LOL we didnt even say anything but yeah i got a hot dog and went over to the seats so kim wouldnt feel hungry with me eating in front of her. i told peter to annoy vanessa LOL i was just relaxing and eating (H) commerce was alright not as bad as i thought it would be like it always it T__T

basically today was a geniune LOL day

Cos I'm too sexy in this club, so sexy in this club, so sexy it hurts, if you feel sexy in this club then go ahead toast it off, shake it down, get sexy right now

- Sugababes


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