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Sexteen | Baby By Me

i hate global warming LOL damnit it, it was soo hot today T__T and i was like thirsty for like 2 hours. i cant believe felicia, kim, mehemt, minh, jamie and me walked all the way to blue heaven farrrrrrr so hot and it was closed like iasdhoiasjdasiojdoai T___T. mehmet got moody then felicia got moody then we catched the bus back to cabra then we were all happy and then when we went to the park, all of us were moody except for minh and me and mikool was just frikking bored HAHA. we stayed till 7 and we ate and finally we got some fcking water i was dying man. i walked home cos my bitchass mum told me too <_<
you may not like the song cos its hip hop but oh well its catchy to me

(yes old song)

im loving everything i see, we've been perfectly, cos u make me feel like a kid in a candy store

- Nathan

have a baby by me, be a millionaire

- 50 Cent Ft. Neyo


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