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2NE5 | La La La

Holidays Baby ;D

Thanks Vanessa for handing in my sports selection sheet !

& God im lazy for blogging / posting a song of the day

so err yeah :D

hmm i was like full kinky to vanessa and felicia on tuesday HAHA hilarious shit ;) later that night i phoned with felicia & vincent for 113 mins .. fuck LOL wellls i finally got to download songs . tomorrow i will be uncapped and hopefully there will be awesome good songs to post as the song of the day. fuck man i started raging cos my sister took one of my soymilk poppers :@ cos i told her BEFORE she even knew there was any, "DONT FUCKING TAKE IT" yet, the next morning when im ASLEEP she takes, fucking sneeky, hypotrical bitch. when i took her nail polish, she starts hitting me with it, the fuck, its just nail polish calm down, THIS IS SOYMILK, FOOD BRO. i dont have any drinks or good food at home and im relying on those poppers asshole :@


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