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2NE4 | Bedrock

Moonfest !

It was a goood day but i've had better days. well i went tutor for like 15 mins with davurt & linda. when we got out at 10 something davurt met up with richard to go to mehmet's house and linda didnt want to go but she wanted to find some people at cabra and i couldnt be bothered so i went off with davurt and as soon as we went to mehmet's place like 10 guys popped outta no where. shoulda went with linda aye ? LOL

when we got to the other side of cabra .. omg i`ve never seen so many people at cabra in my life. we hung in front of happycup for a while, the boys went to the park and on the way anthony and i think mykuul joined and i went to walk around for a bit and went to felicia's place. we chilled, talked, played around and i put some makeup on and playing DS while she showered for like 20 mins i think ? when we were ready we wentt to the station and some black lady made felicia trip over and killed her shooes.

@ the station, felicia kind of raged LOL and we took luvos to pass the time. amazingly vanessa was on the same train as us but we couldnt go to her so we met when we got off the train.
@moonfest we walked around and hung, people got creamed and later on we went woolies to get some glowing bracelets & necklaces hehe ! vincent has some weird direction issues, telling him to meet up with me all he says is "what ? where ? huh ? what did u say ?" omg T__T

well anyway later on, when we were walking along john street, minh annoyed the fuck outta me, teasing me and pushing me around ... i'll kill that bastard one day when im strong enough (H) he taught me how to push a guy on the shoulder 8) i forgot it though something about "locking your palm in first" & "step back" haha. i got like 8 bucks off vincent (A) WOOT LMFAO 8) far when we were in front of cabra station i wanted to get food i waited for 5 mins for a pork skewer then the man was like "did u want a beef skewer?" noo ... wtf ! "oh we have no more pork skewers" WTF DID U SAY :@ pissed me off. i finally got a freaking chicken kebab skewer. There was an icecream van in front of cabra station and it looked dodgy so i waited for people to get some icecream first LMAO :) i finally got a choc dip icecream mmm ! even though it was like freezing cold and felicia & vanessa & i with mih & mehmet with their big heads in front us, watched the fireworks and when i turned around just to say something i missed the biggest, best motherfucking firework .. T__T felicia and vanessa were like "omg ... it was soo big woahhh so purple and shit :D" and im like fuck u all :( LOL there were a few fights going on including somecat fight and later i saw tri and michelle's bro. vanessa had to leave sraight after fireworks and me & felicia went home @ like 9 when a lot of people started leaving and everyone started to pack up and leave as well.

WELL anyway :D
enough of moonfest, today was like any otherday except my phone got confiscated by miss benton . she was like 10 metres away and she saw my phone . god some pregnant voodoo shit going on. well im not pissed about it but i dont have an alarm but im bothered that my phone is turned off and no one can contact me via text/mobile. my mum was lazy to pick it up today T_T so im going tomorrow ! i think tomorrow is my last day for the term .. hmm im getting a bit worried and confused about the beach/pool outing in the holidays and im trying to think of other outings to make and to try to save up for formal too =S

i got my mark back for my science school certificate trials = 68%

My room is the G-spot baby, call me Mr. Flinstone,
I can make your bedrock

- Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj,
Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Lloyd

( world record longest post of my life LOL )


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