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so i was supposed to go laos new years with felicia but this is what happened instead

1. went cabra to see michael
2. went livo to see thomas
3. stayed for around 30 mins - 1 hour then left to go cabra
4. called up mikool and went to jamies house
5. went pizzahut LOL
6. came back boys were gaming then watching some gay samuri movie
7. messed around on fb HAHA
8. went back to cabra
9. went back to felicias house
10. was suposed to go to fucking kierans house but got bashed on the way
11. i went to livo instead to go see thomas and he was with jennett, davis and van
12. went to hospital to go chill and we played cards, drank hot choco and ate some pizza
13. went back to jennett's house, talked and watched movies and slept
14. woke up, went to banxs then birrong then lidcome then burwood facccck !
15. met up with felicia and demi and their friends
16. stayed for like 1 - 1 and a half hours
17. went back to felicia's place for around half an hour
18. went home
19. cleaned and fucking vacuumed my room (and yet to be continued)
20. slept like a fooking baby

this is the end of my journey on sunday to monday LMAO
im so fucking exhausted my right chest is full swollen

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