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so today most of it was a mission

1. woke up and got ready
2. went to station saw maylin & yin
3. went cabra to go meet up with felicia and the family felt different cos aniva wasnt there
4. had the best hello hugs prolly this year :)
5. went to phi's house
6. everyone was just chilling, music got put on, sausages were cooking
7. took lots of luvos with linda and felicia
8. stayed for 2 hours i met a few chicks
9. zomg saw david trinh in like a year !
10. when i left at 5 van walked me halfway to station
11. legged it to station
12. fixed my lashes and saw sarina and paul on the same train
13. got off the train and arrived at burwood at around 6
14. was very bored, ordered drinks went bathroom and talked to sarina
15. went into q-zone and when i came out saw kpun and then we started to eat
16. paid the bill ($478) and the boys wanted to go city for pool
17. arrived at city at 8.05, walked to dixon with sarina, paul & davurt
18. met the others, walked to another pool place fucking waited 15 mins, got fed up and i went home with davurt, sarina and paul
19. went to lidcome and my sis drove me and davurt home
20. phoned with felicia

my mood just totally died .. farr and my feet just totally hurt :/ lol

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