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Sydney, Australia

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alright so i was supposed to go to cabra tmrw with felicia

but davurt & felicia asked me to go to k in the city instead

im planning to meet emnetty for a bit tmrw

im also gunna be planning my movie thingy soon which will be on sometime next week ! im also going aniva's party and most probably this week's party too and luna park with felicia and vanessa ! hehe i think thats too many outings, i most liekly wont be allowed for another outing but i'll try to fit in a day so i can hang with peter cos i havent seen him for a while

& today i just woke up at 3:15 LOL i just turned on my music in the lounge oh my god sounded so sexy and then i watched fruits basket until my fucking sister came home that bitch full told me off cos she had to work on an assignment ... >_>

i'll prolly do grey eyes tmrw ! i'll prolly wear what i wore on tuesday LOL

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