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nye sucked balls

new years was pretty boring .. man i should've went off with someone else when i had the chance but i couldnt since no one would take me there and shit ..

first i went to cabra to go to rocky's house and we went back but we stayed at cabra til like fucking 6, i didnt see many people that i knew of, which was a shame cos i wanted to like go off with other people than staying with him the whole night, since it was everyone's last day of 2009.

well i was pretty much at townhall + chinatown for the whole time which really annoyed me, like i couldnt even see the fireworks properly, when thats the reason why i came city in the first place. and people were saying u need to pay 20 bucks to see it. that was fucking bs. anywayz i was like missing felicia & vanessa a lot so yeah .. didnt have my two girls with me on nye

anyways i was gunna have dinner but then we were looking for places (none were good) so we settled down for subway. hmmm we went show, which was pretty shit too and like .. the rest of the night was .. hmm ... SHIT.

i was like fucking pmsing as well but i didnt wanna get all pissy and rage it instead i just stayed quiet and followed along, didnt wanna kill the mood even further so yeah --"

i stayed til like 2 cos i needed to go home, i didnt even count down properly at darling harbour, thatwas like what i've wanted all year ... fuck

im getting a bit moody everytime i think about it. but oh wells at least son is coming over tmrw and my rents are going beach (H) keke .. but they're gunna meet son anyway so gg LOL

im thinking of making a tumblr not sure ..


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