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hmm feeling so much happier and better tahn last week, fuck. anyways yesterday was like relaxing and all til the end fucking gronks wouldnt pay up for it when they wanted it and thought it was funny. and he starts talking to me like all normal and everything, nah fuck off. hmm i did so much yesterday .. :( my throat and lungs killed yetserday but now im normal haha :) i got my plates today i fucking hate them ~

i curled my hair like 3 days in a row i kinda forgot how my hair looks like naturally LOL but i left it today i cbf doing anything, next week, i'll straighten it all week 8) hehe i was meant to go city/beach for some party with joong, but i cbbbb . i dont wanna bus it then train it like fuck that and i wouldhave to get there at 11 - 11.30 im not gunna wake up at like 9 to get ready omggg so early and i would've have to go cabra to pick up my plates then head to bondi.

hmm i only have one thing planned so far for holidays :S which is go see joong on monday and i dont know where pobably canterbury. and i think im going city for nye :D my grandma is gunna come over on the 20th and is staying for roughly 3 months .. ughh ...


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