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du ma 41C. anyways at least its gunna be cool today. i went to felicia's house today and i made some pan bread while i was there and i ate and we talked and i went to cabra at like 2 and i saw bien at the station. i went out to jup cos nick called me to come and i saw richard and mikool there. we sat and drank, too hot too talk LOL & later on richard and mikool left & mehmet and other people came jupiter . i played 13 & speed with nick and i won most of it 8) after jupiter we went over to nick's house to see his nephew and we went back to jupiter with his nephew. ahh he's nephew is like soo cute ! half italian ~ 8) he kissed me on the cheek like 3 times LOL and i kisssed him back too :$ HAHA
i ate some icecream then went back to cheso at like 4.20 and i met up with felicia, sandy, demi, albie & peter. saw brandon at woolies haha funny. hmm stayed at park, talked & joked around, went back to felicia's house at like i dunno 7.20 and i ate some dinner and then i had to go home at 8 cos my mum was already there <_<

fuck i hate going home i swear everytime i come home from an outing or just going out i aways get told off/lectured and/or screamed at seriousy fucking pisses me off. and my sister is the biggest fucking bitch . anyways after i started to calm down just fb & msn & then phoned with richard then phoned with nick then now blogging LOL fuck so boring. i wanted to like iggjay tmrw to go richard's place and also see nick but then nooo some fucking "all your own work" shit is on tmrw T__T


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