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Fourty7 | 20 facts

because im bored as fuck :]

1. i LOVEEEE cars ; gt-r is my baby :)

2. i hatee viet noodles especially pho, ew LMAO

3. i dont like car parks ; no, not cos of rapers or pedos LOL cos im scared it will collaspe

4. I never ever, ever do my bed

5. I spread my legs very wide when im at home, be it watching tv, eating or at the computer

6. I dont believe in any gods

7. I've never been on a date

8. I've lost my faith in love

9. When I sleep, whether it's cold or hot, my blanket must be up to my neck and my hair must be covering my ears (scared of bugs crawling in T__T)

10. My hair looks like it had exploded everytime i wake up

11. I hateeee hot weather, hot skin, hot seats & heaters

12. I only like the biscuits in Oreos, i chuck the cream away LOL

13. I can't keep my mouth closed when watching tv

14. Love or Money ? money for sure

15. I have two birthmarks under my right arm where my ribs are.

16. I cut my own fringe

17. I sleep straight with my hands on my tummy O_O LMAO

18. I used to play the recorder and the bass recorder and the piano really well until highschool hit me T__T

19. I usually run away from love

20. I freaking love icecream, it fixes everything :) it's like my second bf, my first bf is of course my GT-R :)


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