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Sydney, Australia

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oh jesus LOL i went livo today with jerry i wasted all my cred fml and even though i wanted to watch the final destination i didnt wanna watch it with jerry cos i wanted to watch with someone else like felicia and vanessa cos scary movies with my best girls are the best :D well we walked around livo for like i dunno half an hour, talking then i realised he seemed bored and i wanted to punch a wall LMAO so i was like "lets go ... somewhere :L" and he drove .. i dont even know where but we stopped at a street and we were talking and this old lady was smiling and looking at him HAHAHAHA . well after that i just went back to cabra cos i didnt want him to drive me home cos my rents might see and will get sussed like "WHO THE FCK IS THAT HUH" so yeah i saw elaine, viet and brandon at cabra but i went home anyways cos there was no one at cabra to hang with. i got sushi and happycup and i come home all sad and i hear karaoke and im like .. omfg fml should've suggested to go city today or some shit . then my sister was like full asking me about my day like who did u go with ? did u make out ? did u drink ? did u smoke ? T__T like piss off man :@ im bored to the point where i wanna kill someone ..


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