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THIRTY9 | What Happens To Me

wooow i havent blogged in a million years ! :O well last week was the worst week ever ! so many tests and assignments ! and in two weeks i have my sc, well every year 10 has theirs but i hope it will be all over cos it wont be long till we all sign out and start having fun :) i have enough money for a summer shopping spree but im blowing it when i go shopping with my girls ! hehehe . i think by the time i go shopping i`d have a bit more than 150 . well today i had a science test and felicia was annoying the shit outta me and in english vanessa was getting a bit high and ticked all my words on my letter LOL i reaaaaally need to stop youtubing and downloading music x__x and this time im pretty sure my braces are getting off pretty soon cos they look almost done ! i really wanna watch paranormal activity (click for trailer) like who doesnt wanna watch it ? omg LOL


i think i just jizzed in my pants :$

imagine life with you not with me, tell me what happens to me

- Brian Seo


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