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THIRTY6 | Last Days Baby !

wooo i went to see shizeng today :D
i came to cabra at like 11 cos SOMEONE was supposed to be there but noooo so i went parra straight away cos i knew paul and sarina would be there already so i hung out with them until 12.45 where i saw shizeng i made her wait for so long, sorry babe ! ><" we walked around and talked for the whole day ahaha we stayed at borders for a while to read some magazines and then blackie chan came along and shouted me popcorn, i could've been meaner nd made him shout me something else but nahhh (A) i went home at like 3.50 ? so quick :L and i went cheso then villa then cheso again cos of my mum T_T well party tmrw hopefully when i get back tmrw i dont have to go to another party cos i dont like them bitches next door who's throwing the party lmao . snitched on me when i told them i jigged LMAO omg im procrastinating so much i need to finish writing off the history ass and at least start on my speech, fuck science :( u know why im procrastinating ? SHOES, FKN SHOES ... im so shattered and pissed outta my mind but its okay i have a $25 voucher for betts shoes cos the shoe i wanted isnt on sale anymore .. :( LMAO fuck my life !


SHIZENG (left) & CAROLINE (right)


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