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THIRTY4 | Friend

today i went livo with felicia !

we had lots of time to go shopping and it was just two levels so u know all good (Y) when we went supre we saw sarina :) i started to have a killer stomache and my lower back started hurting even though i didnt have my P's O_O but it went away haha. we tried on a dress at dotti but it was too expensive so we left. omg the funniest moments of today was when after we left ice, i was walking to just jeans but felicia was walking to some store called OXY or some shit and i knew it was a men's store cos i`ve been in it so i called out "yeah you're man felicia come on!" and she still walked to the store then she finally freaking realised it was a guys store she startesd cracking upp and i was laughing shamelessly ahaha & also when we were leaving supre i walked into a rack and a few shirts fell down LMAO. anyway when we stopped by betts we tried on heels and i tried on the heels i wanted for a very long time - it was such a disappointment, the shoe didnt have much grip so i was like awww T_T i tried on a pair of black peeptoes but with a silver heel with 2 straps it looked soo cute and simple and even though it was high and a bit tight around my toes, it fel very comfy to walk in and stuff and it was on sale 30% off D: it was only 76 but if i bought it i couldnt get the supre tight skirt i saw soo i had no choice but leave the beautiful heels behind, itll prolly be sold out soon :( awwww anyways i finally got foundation thankgod but im making my sister pay me back for it . yes it sounds slack but she's the one paying for all my make up anyway. we went to go bra shopping for like 30 mins soo tiring for me LOL but i cant believe i spent 50 bucks today T_T even worse, felicia spent 100 LMAO i was soo thirsty at the end of the day and i was tired too. i came home at like 5.15 ? i had some gooood sushi today at cheso and it was like 3 bucks for a whole box of sushi ! so cheap yet so yummmm


FELICIA (left) & CAROLINE (right)

after when i went home i tried on the skirt i bought with a couple of tops woo im so happy :) umm i called vanessa and i should be going to her house tmrw and i must repeat MUST start and be at least half way on my assignment so i have enough time to do it tmrw and on thursday. im gunna get nerdy now haha thats all for today

enjoy :)

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