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THIRTY | Why oh why oh why ..

SHOPPING BABY (H) ohhh yeah ;D today i went shopping with vanessa & felicia :D we went parramatta cos livo can smd :) & it was latenight even though we didnt stay late so yeah haha

i forked out 70 bucks today :( 50 - ripped faded white/bluey jeans + temt sequined singlet ! i was going to get foundation but nooo, Priceline didnt have "Maybelline - Pure Make-up" in Sandy Biege aka Medium 1. We all met each other @ 10.50 and when we arrived @ parra, we went priceline straight away LOL i was looking for some foundation and checking out the eyeshadows while felicia and vanessa were looking at some eyeliners or something. i didnt get anything T_T when i was sooo excited especially for priceline because there was nothing special lols. after that we were going through a lot of shops on the first level .

i swear like 60% of the shops we went to prolly even more we didnt even get anything. WE WENT INTO PANDORA FOR GODS SAKE LOL

well after a hard work's day *ahem we all finally went home and i went cheso, woolies with felicia just to check if they have the foundation & felicia wanted to go get some chips and then i wnt to chinese shop & fruit shop & went back to felicia's house for about 45 mins ? i dunno cos my sister was picking me up so yeahs. when i went home my mum got a bit pissed at my jeans LMAO & she started lecturing me about my laziness T__T

& my feeet & knees REALLY hurt. i feel sorry for vanessa LOL goddamn and she was thinking of wearing heels haha

thats all im feeling tired


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