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2NE8 | Just Wanna

so on sunday was my sister's fail birthday party, i swear my mum made so much food like it was a house party. it was all nice and cool and dark so i was relaxing in bed phoning with vincent for like 10 mins or so UNTIL i got the worst fucking phone call of my life from felicia :@ LOL "mehmet O.D & mikool got hit by a car" WTF ...... i full started crying when i hung up with her even though i knew she was bullshitting cos shegot their names mixed up T__T then after i called her again and she started laughing and said it was a joke i started raging it like hell, so i called vanessa and screamed like a bitch LOL . even kieran hugged me when i was crying :( HAHA well anyways i calmed down after that and watched the eels v.s storms & storms won :( i was getting a bit excited about shopping cos i saw stuff on sale and i had a bit of money and i went high and tried to persuade felicia but then i dont think she was paying attention T_T and then i phoned with felicia for like 1 hour when i was watching evan almighty/rove & then i slept kinda early today only @ like 1 or 1.30 and SOMEONE called me at 3.40 and i ended up phoning with her for one hour fuck ... so tiring LOL i feel asleep at like around 5 and my sister is so slack. she got a scarf from forever new from her friends for her birthday and she gave it to me cos she didnt like it HAHAHA i got a new scarf :D & this arvo i spent my arvo organising my music cos some fcking reason all my songs werent on itunes so i had to manually play each one cos if i opened every song at once, my computer will freeze so yeah :( 600 songs by hand FUCK

fo sho I love you girl (and I know it) just wanna

- Lil Sokz


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