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yesterday was alrightt cos i went to the chemist warehouse in the morning around 11 and i only got mascara + eyeliner. i was planning to get some foundation & concealer but nooo .. my shade wasnt available ! after that, i went cabra with my sister & her bf to bau truong to eat and my sister was being soo pushy and bossy she full pissed me off so i went off and stayed at cabra. i met up with felicia i think at like 1 ? we saw mikool and others and we sat at happy cupand jupiter for like 1 and a half hours, i got kinda moody cos it was a waste of time and i was bored as fuck. even though i didnt wanna go to mehmet's house i went anyways with the others cos i thought we'd make some progress instead of hanging at the cafe doing nothing. when we all came, we were in his room just talking and laughing and we moved out to the lounge where we all mucked around & relaxed, watching tv & eating chips & pizza. i started getting moody at like 5.30 cos my mum called me and i was in trouble but i stayed anyways cos everyone was having fun but when we left and was outside i was definitely not in the mood.

felicia & davurt & i went home together and i walked home cos my mum didnt wanna pick me up and well i didnt go on net/comp. yesterday cos i was not in the mood and my rents were badmouthing and discussing about me .... <_<> anyways this morning when i woke up i was feeling really meh cos i have nothing to do after tuesday besides movies with jerry on sunday & maybe party on saturday ughhhhh T_T i realised i have 2 assignments & a speech due next week FUCK ! my comp. doesnt even have word so i dnt know what to do cos my sister will get pissed off if i use her laptop and my dad doesnt let me use his computer. fucking stingy cunts


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