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hmm im feeling a little bit weird not sure if i like that person as much as i thought i did anymore for some reason. maybe its just today but i dont know hardly getting that "butterfly" feeling anymore. felicia says i should tell that someone before the next time i see him but i think its a bit early and im too shy, even though i doubt it, but if he does like me back, im waiting for him to say it even though thats wrong and if i like him, i should tell him. i find myself just staring at the sky or at walls and thinking sometimes i dnt even know what im thinking just staring lols. maybe i should start to have a deep convo get to know him & his past the lag replies are driving me crazy :@. anyways when i went home saw a massive cake box and shoved my face with mud cake. i got a bit bored so i put on my lashes and some shadow i didnt even take luvos or anything just kind of pampered up for nothing.

today was an okay day a bit boring but hey ! i knowhow to tie a tie now (H) hehehe thanks to megan :) i was tickling vanessa in english it was such a bludge seriously ! i didnt even do my food tech speech :( so i got 2 marks off when it was supposed to be 4 (thank god)

i dont even feel like eating these days just either tv, talking or thinking lmao. i keep listening to officially missing you even though it doesnt relate to me or anything O_O except the missing part haha. i used to really not care about guys, whether they give me lag replies or not talk to me at all and im like usually mean (i dont care go away kind of mean) but im not anymore :S should i keep liking you ? im not sure ... should i stop ? should i just control it ? or keep it as a crush till it disappears ?

cannot wait for christmas :)


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