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Fourty2 | Island of Love

today was a nice day =] a bit too hot though :@ well i planned to go burwood with vincent but i missed 2 trains so i told richard to come out and jason and davurt came out as well. while i was waiting for jason and davurt to pick me up, the fucking old man had a smerk on his face and walks past saying "how are you" like wtf GO AWAY LOL . anyways we were waiting for richard to come then we ate some brekkie then waited for felicia to come. we were talking and joking. jason had these realllllly dirty pictures for his screensaver soo fucking funny, all the boys were bagging him out haha ! then jason and his friend, peter went somewhere and we went davurts house to watch paranormal acitvity, jesus christ not that scary ! hardly anything pops up and richard was sooo slow he kept asking questions LOL it was funny how we were all spooning and lying down altogether HAHA that was hilarious. well after paranormal activity we watched ghost month til 5 then me and felicia walked to her house and i dont know where richard went, prolly home. me & felicia had a talk while waiting for my mum T__T and my cousin came over till like 9.30 :) hehe joking around with my webcam
anyways overall it was a nice day :)

We're stranded on this
island of love, it's just you me and skies above

- Mishon


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