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To Felicia & Vanessa : PLEASE STOP BAGGING ME OUT ! why ? what did i ever do to u guys ? stop teasing me ><>
someone fucking killed my geography lesson today and today was pretty boring except for lunch :D i was hugging vanessa and then lawerance came over and pushed me away :( i got her first buddy :@ and me, megan, melinda & felicia were joking around and tickling each other. me and sydney were talking about cars and &*^&^%&^$ in maths

me: awww i miss him he makes me smile :$
sydney: aw i can tell. u're smiling and staring at ur maths book, u never smile at ur maths book LOL
me: yeahh he's so cute HAHAHAHA

HAHA i got bored and made melinda and megan turn into badass bitches (H) in history we had a test and felicia was like "5 ... 7 ... 9" HAHAHA and asking me about the writing part.

oh & on tuesday sooofucking hot. me and vanessa, felicia & kim were spanking each other :$ HAHA kim spanks soo hard :( i was playing like all sport with megan and lawerance kept fucking stealing the ball and playing against the wall which fucking cracked me up HAHAHA when we settled down i started taking pics of lawerance and vanessa cos im a pro photographer (H) and felicia and kim were taking luvos together.



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