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i got asked a very peculiar question yesterday :)

yesterday i went felicia's house then jason's then david's then felicia's LOL omg anyway :) we watched dead silence which i watched before, its alright LOL scarier then other movies i've watched. omg when david's dad walked past the room i was like wtf omfggggg O_O get the fuck up caroline T_T when i went over to felicia's house i sooo knew we wouldnt be studying HAHA but we did for a bit then she was talking to people and i was trying on her dresses :O :$ . her mum cooked us dinner (thanks again) LOL home was the part that ruined my day and i got pretty upset, i was napping and studying in my room until my boyfriend called me and cheered me up :) haha

sc was soo O_O fuck i didnt even know what i was doing for the multiple choice for english and some of the science was just omg wtf am i doing here . lunch was pretty fun :D HAHA i told megan about sunday HAHA she's so funny and cute. goodluck to everyone for the next two days, then shopping for shoes right after this shit is over, YEAH BABY 8)


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