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Fifty3 | Don't Know About Love

today was sooo tiring T__T but was kind of fun LOL it was linda's bday outing today :) omg when i went to felicia's house, i thought i was late but noooo, richard & felicia didnt wake up yet LOL :@ there just haddd to be trackwork today so we took the bus and trained it to city. well i think we went maccas first i forgot haha and then paddy markets ? and then finally to k. so funny when david & paul & i think jamie at the end were singing love story, fucking burned my ears HAHA . we took quite a lot of photos in k :) & when we finished we hung around for a bit, went up to galaxy world & easyway, thanks shan for the mango milk tea 8) we went to caps just doing nothing a guess, a few bought some icecream @ passionflower & then after that i think we went to the park near the station to rest, take luvos & muck around :) FUCCCK some fucking lebo groped me in the station like wtf ... O_O :( i feel so violated T__T and so fucking grossed out as well. well me & felicia got off @ lidcome while the rest went back to cabra, and we bus'd it to lakemba and waited and felicia met up with a few of her friends, i think i got home at 8 something. two of the guys on the bus, they looked pretty nice haha one of them was like behind me, "no offence, but you're really short, like omg short" AHHAHA and i stopped and i looked up and they were standing next to me and they were like "omg, how'd u get so short" HAHAHA they were pretty funny haha

i dont know what's gotten into me, i think they just dont know about love when they talk about us

- K-Young


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