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Fifty1 | Rocket

wow i found out that there was this massive sample sale for Ladakh & Anise in the city but .. T_T gosh if i knew sooner would've fucking jigged or something LOL :@ & i didnt even go to school today fuccck ! well i needed to rest & it was hot today + double maths + speech that i havent even done = stay at home :)

Freez is somewhere near miranda might ask my sister to go there. omg ... dresses that were like 80 + are down to $30 - $50 T__T & i need to get shoes soon LOL i was like fucking sooking for 10 mins straight cos i couldnt go today haha. wtf my icecream melts in like 5 secs its soohot T_T i've been watching this vid over and over again cos of the song + the cwalker is alright.

(If Anyone knows the song, please tell me ><)

You're like a rocket in my mind it waiting to define everything about me

- Yuna


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